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How To Fight Depression With Your Diet

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7 April 2017

How To Fight Depression With Your Diet

Our brain is complex — so are its diseases. This year, WHO is focusing on depression as its theme of the year. Why?

Because ironically, depression is increasingly common yet mostly misunderstood. Over 300 million people are silently suffering and boiling it down, even as we speak. It kills the sufferer from the inside yet is invisible to the outside world.

And if you’re struggling with it, you’re not alone. Chances are, 1 in every 5 people around you is going through the same gnawing complexities, consistent anxiety, insomnia and lack of appetite.

Are You Eating The Healthiest Fruits & Veggies?

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5 April 2017

Healthiest Fruits & Veggies Revealed

According to WHO health fact sheet 2016, sixty-five percent of people around the world live in a country where overweight and obesity kill more people than underweight.

The same report also states that around 3 in 10 deaths globally are caused by cardiovascular diseases and at least 80 percent of these premature deaths can be prevented through one and only one thing — healthy and balanced diet.

Most of us already know how important a balanced diet is; we even “try to eat healthily” but guess what, trying is not good enough.