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Dubai Will Have a Dry Night This October 28

The next dry night in Dubai will take place from October 28 to October 29

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18 October 2020

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Dubai Will Have a Dry Night This October 28

Something to keep in mind for the upcoming days...

Heads up! Residents in Dubai are advised to plan accordingly next week, as the Government of Dubai and Dubai Tourism has announced a dry night in Dubai, starting on Wednesday, October 28 and will end on Thursday, October 29.

Parties, serving alcohol, and public entertainment such as live music and performances will not be permitted between 5:30pm on Wednesday, October 28 until 6:30pm on Thursday, October 29.

The circular was issued to all hotels, resorts, leisure clubs, restaurants, tourism companies and tour boats in Dubai.

The dry night will take place on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) birthday this year.

Although authorities are yet to officially confirm the date, Thursday, October 29 is expected to be a public holiday to commemorate Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) birthday.

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The actual date will be announced as we move closer to the end of October as it is dependent on moon sightings.