Desserts to Die for at Eclair, La Petite Duchesse, City Walk |

Desserts to Die for at Eclair, La Petite Duchesse, City Walk

The search for the best eclairs in Dubai is finally over! And they deliver as well, what more can one ask for!

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24 December 2017

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Eclair, La Petite Duchesse, City Walk

It’s hard not to spot Eclair, La Petite Duchesse when you drive by City Walk Boulevard, Al Mustaqbal Street and there’s plenty of parking available in the basement behind the boutique. As soon as I stepped in the boutique, I was taken aback by the attention that has been given to each detail.

From the interiors to the furniture to the wall hangings, everything has been carefully picked by keeping the whole aesthetic in mind. The interiors are neutral toned and tastefully minimal, yet with a touch of french flair.

The Good

A few steps further and I come face to face with the guy who invented éclairs ‘Marie-Antoine Carême’ and quickly say a little prayer on the inside for introducing us to these heavenly desserts.

Once inside I was greeted by the staff and was seated. The best part about their seating is the fact that your bag is given its extra space underneath the chair. And for us ladies, this little invention is a godsend.

I was then greeted by the general manager Mr. Manlio. We sat down and had a quick chat on why this delicate French pastry is so close to his heart and why he decided to open up shop in sunny Dubai. We then moved on to viewing the beautiful art, which is ever so creatively displayed in their boutique. And by art I mean the carefully concocted French pastries, éclairs.

Before we commenced on our sugary tasting fest, Mr. Manlio took it upon him to introduce me to each one of their decadent flavours on display. Each éclair is crafted with utmost supervision, finest ingredients from around the world and handled with precision and ease.

From the smooth and indulgent cremeux of Le Traditionnel to the bursting flavours of Japanese Yuzu, there are plenty of traditional and unique flavours to match many a diverse palettes.

Eclair, La Petite Duchesse, City Walk

The Better

Mr. Manlio suggested we chose 4 different flavours for the tasting, as these four stand out on their own with their unique flavours and are the crowd’s favourite.

Starting off with Le Traditionnel, a perfectly baked choux pastry, injected with smooth cream filling and almost a ganache like chocolate glaze. It’s rich and filling flavours transported me to a world of luxury.

Then we moved on to my personal favourite ‘Éclair a La Framboise’, an almost too pretty to eat éclair with a tangy yet light flavour and raspberry cremeux filling. And this one too passed with flying colours (literally).

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The third éclair on our tasting menu stood out from the rest ‘Éclair Dulcey Rosemary – Chocolate & Rosemary’. A unique flavor of éclair filled with roasted white chocolate imbued with a hint of rosemary enclosed in a flawlessly baked choux. If your taste buds always crave for that extra kick, then this would be the perfect éclair for you.

And we finished off with the popular ‘Éclair Caramel Au Beurre Sale’. Unique blends of flavours that almost make your taste buds do a happy dance. Bursting with tempting cream and a thick layer of salted glaze with a sprinkle of sea salt, this particular one is a trendy twist on the French classic. Although bursting with rich flavours, it’s light and silky with a balanced taste.

Éclair, La Petite Duchesse, City Walk

The Best

To wash down all the yummy goodness I was offered a café latte, which I happily accepted. And after a few sips discovered that the café latte deserves its own praise and is probably an unsung hero on their menu. The coffee was smooth and delicious and exceptionally complimenting to the decadent flavours of the éclairs.

By the end of it all, I was convinced that éclairs are a gift to all mankind and Eclairs, La Petite Duchesse at City Walk, Al Mustaqbal Street does thorough justice to its namesake French pastry in terms of flavor, ingredients and presentation.

So rush down to Eclair’s, La Petite Duchesse boutique, City Walk, Al Mustaqbal Street at the earliest and experience in person the magnificent blend of flavours, that all come together under one aesthetically pleasing roof. They also deliver via Ubereats, so you have more than one reason to indulge in these heavenly desserts.

Éclair, La Petite Duchesse, City Walk
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