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Expo 2020 Dubai Food Guide: What You Can Eat

Wondering what food you'll be able to eat at the Greatest Show on Earth? Here's a quick rundown of the food expected at Expo 2020

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11 December 2019

Expo 2020 Dubai Food Guide: What You Can Eat

Dining options at Expo 2020 is set to include a diverse menu of over 50 cuisines from Argentina to Zimbabwe

As the United Arab Emirates acts as a home to over 200 nationalities and receives millions of tourists every year, the nation boasts an incredible variety of locally-grown dishes, international cuisines, and some of the top talented chefs in the world.

With Expo 2020 Dubai coming up, a grand and monumental event that will welcome 135 countries to its 438-hectare site, it's only obvious that a celebration of creativity, innovation, and culture from around the globe will be reflected in the food offered.

Expo 2020's massive infrastructure makes it an ideal place for international eateries to showcase a proud example of their country's cuisine - but how do you know which ones to go to?

Here to help is our guide to restaurants, cafes, and foodtrucks coming to Expo 2020, a collection of places that will answer the question, what can I eat at Expo 2020 Dubai?

Traditional and new UAE cuisine

As Expo 2020 will be located in the UAE, it's no surprise that the host country will be shining a spotlight on local traditional food and new tastes. Here are some of the UAE-based and locally produced restaurants and cafes you'll be able to enjoy at Expo 2020 Dubai:

Majlis Café

Known for its camel milk-based selection of coffees, desserts, and more, the cafe will be offering delicate finger foods with lavish Arabian drinks, such as the Camel Milk Chocolate.

Arabian Tea House

The first of its kind since 1997, the Arabian Tea House is set to introduce the UAE's hospitality and Emirati food heritage to Expo 2020 visitors. Expect a warm cup of authentic gahwa (traditional Arabian coffee), enjoy freshly baked chebab bread (Emirati bread with cheese, honey, and dates molasses), or treat yourself to their signature Tahta Laham (tender shredded lamb cooked in Emirati spices, rice, salads, and yogurt).

Arabian Tea House Dubai Emirati Salad

Photo credit: Arabian Tea House

Middle Eastern cuisine

Grab a light meal or indulge in satisfying Arabian flavours from some of the UAE's neighbours.

Firas Sweets

Known for their traditional Middle Eastern desserts and kunafah (a noodle-like pastry made with sugar-based syrup, cheese, nuts, and more), the home-grown Firas Sweets will be treating Expo 2020 visitors to a selection of Arabic delights.

Saj 2 Go

Saj 2 Go runs this temple of traditional Lebanese baked goods in Dubai, including baked bread made from a recipe that's centuries old.

Seashell Cafeteria

For years, UAE-based Seashell Cafeteria has been a go-to for quick and delicious Middle Eastern food for many expats in Dubai. At Expo 2020, expect local favourites including sheesh tawook, lamb tikka, biryani, fathoush, as well as Indian and Chinese staples - mutton curry masala and chicken Manchurian.

Al Reef Bakery

Another popular Lebanese bakery at Expo 2020. If you're craving something fast, easy-to-eat, and incredibly satisfying, grab some tasty manakish from Al Reef Bakery.

Al Khabbaz

Explore more delightful Middle Eastern eats such as fatayer (Middle Eastern meat pie popular in places such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine), and even international menu items - ex. pizza, fresh wraps, French pastries, and steaks.

Food at Expo 2020 Dubai

Photo credit: Saj 2 Go

American and European favourites

With recipes from the kitchens of Europe, the U.S.A, and the United Kingdom, you'll find an abundance of old classics, gourmet dishes, and new delights at Expo 2020.

The Irish Village

Expo 2020 will also host the popular The Irish Village, offering traditional entertainment and authentic Irish food such as Irish stew (tender lamb slow and vegetables cooked with a light broth), Yorkshire pudding, cottage pie (wagyu beef with veggies and gravy), battered fish and chips, and much, much more.

Asian dishes

From the flavoursome and colourful plates of India to the sweet and savoury specialities of the Philippines, here are some of the Asian restaurants coming to Expo 2020.

Dampa Seafood Grill

Bring a hefty appetite to Expo 2020 as this Filipino hotspot is popular for its menu items serving unlimited and generous portions. Dampa Seafood Grill will be at Expo 2020 with its freshly grilled seafood, special sauces, meats, and more.

Al Farwania

Family-owned Al Farwania has been satisfying Dubai expats' Indian cuisine cravings for over 30 years now with servings of delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options including paratha, grilled meats, curry, and veggie options. With an extensive list of food at such a modest price, it will no doubt be a hit among the Expo 2020 staff and visitors.

What to eat at Expo 2020 Dubai

Foodtrucks and other delights

At Expo 2020, you can also expect fun gastronomic eats from the many food trucks and cafes. Some of the confirmed eating-spots are:


If you've got a sweet tooth, coffee and freshly baked doughnut food truck Doh has you covered.

Rogue Coffee

Brewing specialty coffee and offering delectable bites from flatbreads to fresh salads and desserts, this eco-friendly cafe serves its exclusive drinks in BPA-free reusable cups made from actual coffee.