Review: Murder in the Speakeasy at Paramount Hotel Dubai |

Review: Murder in the Speakeasy at Paramount Hotel Dubai

It's lights, camera, murder at this 1930s themed dinner in Paramount Hotel Dubai, with a glamorous cast and interactive mystery show

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27 September 2022

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Review: Murder in the Speakeasy at Paramount Hotel Dubai

Between your bar bites, seductive starlets, and jazzy performances, a crime is afoot...

There's no shortage of exciting places to dine in Dubai; the emirate is packed with unique and daring dining experiences that will entertain foodie tourists and even long-time UAE residents who might have 'seen it all'.

But if you really think you’ve seen it all, ask yourself: Have you ever had to solve a famous person's murder in the 1930s?

At Murder in the Speakeasy, everyone must turn into a detective, find clues, seek suspects, and catch the true killer.

Book in for a theatrical dining experience at the awards-winning Flashback Speakeasy Bar and Lounge in Paramount Hotel Dubai, where you're whisked away into 1930s California to solve the murder mystery of fictional Italian-American film actor and producer, Guido Corleone.

It's a fine-dining feast with mesmerising live performances and interactive storytelling, from swinging music to silver screen starlets and old Hollywood glam intrigue. This is immersive dining like no other in Dubai, and here's what you can expect.

The Venue

When we arrived at the Flashback Speakeasy Bar & Lounge, entry was only granted by a password and all the other diners were also dressed in glamorous vintage-esque apparel. We highly recommend coming in your best 1930s-inspired outfit to really fit the part. Ladies, find your favourite glittery dresses and pearls. Gentlemen, it's the perfect time to bring out your fine suits, suspenders, and fedoras.

The setting is a stunning, proper Speakeasy jazz bar; it's dark, smoky, yet alive with a wonderful atmosphere. There are images of the female suspects pasted around, leaving one question in everyone's minds: Whodunnit?

Murder mystery at the Speakeasy review at Paramount Hotel Dubai

Murderous Starlets!

Murder in the Speakeasy promises an immersive theatre and show experience, led by a gorgeous assemble who will take you on a journey back to the 1930s - old Hollywood style.

We had a fantastic time out at this spectacular show. The stage is set to a fictional movie producer and actor who finds himself in a sticky situation with the four women involved in his new movie - his wife, an Italian megastar, his muse, and an actress - which ultimately leads to his fatal downfall.

The show kicks off at 8:30PM, and the band and singers are superb, playing show tunes and jazz classics that simply tempt you to get up and groove.

Their highly talented cast would mix with the audience to provide clues and move the story forward, and we had to figure out which of the beautiful starlets did the crime before turning the suspect over to the LAPD. It's a night of music, food, and crime-solving fun.

Murder mystery at the Speakeasy review at Paramount Hotel Dubai
Murder mystery at the Speakeasy review at Paramount Hotel Dubai

The Food

Not only does Murder at the Speakeasy feature a tantalising line-up of powerful vocals and hypnotic storytelling inspired by old silver screen glam, but the food is just as theatrical and delightful.

We tucked into a great selection of bar bite courses which are served at specific intervals throughout the evening. I must mention how great the staff as they are very attentive and almost part of the performance, adding to the pure immersion of this musical show.

Murder mystery dinner review at Paramount Hotel Dubai

The Details

Murder in the Speakeasy was an exciting experience where you're invited to immerse yourself in 1930s old Hollywood and see how good will you be at playing detective and solving the clues. Alternatively, you can also sit back and enjoy all the excitement the night has to offer – the choice is yours!

Where: Flashback Speakeasy Bar & Lounge, Paramount Hotel Dubai, Business Bay, Dubai.
When: Every Thursday

  • AED 299 for soft beverages, dinner, and a show
  • AED 380 for house beverages, dinner, and a show
  • AED 550 for sparkling beverages, dinner, and a show

For reservations, call +971 55 180 7559 or email [email protected]

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