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Where to Buy Mochi in Dubai: Best Places For the Japanese Dessert

For a tasty Japanese mochi or daifuku treat in Dubai, keep these places on your radar!

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23 May 2023

Best places in Dubai for Japanese mochi

Get your fix of this delicious sweet treat with our list!

Japanese food is one of the most loved Asian cuisines enjoyed in the UAE, from healthy sushi and warm bowls of ramen to filling katsudon and crispy karaage.

When it comes to Japanese desserts, there is one favourite that deserves a spotlight: mochi.

This stretchy, chewy, squishy treat has been popular in Japan for centuries, made from glutinous rice that has been pounded over and over again. These are also often referred to as daifuku, which is when a mochi is filled with a sweet or savoury stuffing such as sweetened red bean paste, custard, black sesame, or sweetened white bean paste.

Today, mochi and daifuku are served in hundreds of different flavours and fillings, including ice cream and fresh fruits.

If you're looking for mochi in Dubai, here is a list of restaurants, cafes, stores, and grocery markets where you can find this delightful dessert.

1. Moishi UAE

For a deliciously chill dessert, Moishi UAE offers ice cream mochi in Dubai in a variety of flavours. You can order online or visit any of their store stands across the country.

Where to buy Japanese mochi in Dubai

2. QKO Asian Market

Located in Boxpark Dubai, this Asian grocey store offers popular Japanese and South Korean snacks, drinks, noodles, stationery, toys, and desserts including mochi and daifuku.

3. 1004 Gourmet

Located in The Greens, 1004 Gourmet is an Asian grocery store in Dubai with a wide range Japanese, South Korean, Thai, and Taiwanese drinks, snacks, meats, imported fruits, noodles, etc. Head to their chillers to find frozen ice cream mochi, packaged and ready to eat.

4. Global Village - Japan Pavilion

The UAE's popular seasonal destination for entertainment, shopping, dining and leisure is also home to an impressive Japan-themed pavilion. Here, you'll find vendors selling trinkets, clothing, toys, and even snacks such as mochi and daifuku.

Editor's Note: I tried a strawberry and red bean paste-filled daifuku at the Japan pavilion, which was juicy and delicious.

Where to buy daifuku mochi in Dubai

5. Yakitate

Yakitate has a restaurant and bakery located in Al Ghurair Centre and Ibn Battuta Mall. In addition to ice cream mochi, you can also browse their bakery for cute Japanese cartoon-themed pastries or dine at the restaurant to enjoy a meal.

6. Yamanote Atelier

Yamanote Atelier has several locations in the UAE. Here, expect delicious Japanese baked goods, along with a selection of ice cream-stuffed mochi.