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Where You Can Eat Foods Made of Gold in Dubai

From fried chicken wings coated in 24k gold to ice cream topped with gold glitter, here are all the places in Dubai to eat edible gold

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26 January 2022

Where You Can Eat Foods Made of Gold in Dubai

Photo credit: YallaSamosa

Shining, shimmering, splendid... and edible

Dubai's reputable love for luxury isn't just limited to its shops and cars. Even the food is extravagant, with restaurants offering actual dishes made with edible 24k gold. Burgers, ice cream, cappuccinos, chocolates, and even samosas received the Midas touch.

Don't worry though because gold is safe to consume by humans. We don't mean you should start nibbling on your necklace, because it likely contains metal impurities. For gold to be edible, it must be between 23 - 24 karats. Edible gold is typically ground into powder/glitter, or pounded into extremely thin sheets and are flavourless.

As a fancy, glimmering garnish, it ticks as one of Dubai's favourites to elevate a dish and give it an extra luxurious finish.

Given that the star ingredient of these menu items are actual gold, it's worth noting that they'll come with a pretty hefty price tag. Keeping that in mind, here are all the places in Dubai that serve dishes that are literal gold.

1.) Gold burgers

Let's start with Dubai's favourite menu item: burgers.

Hard Rock Cafe

Price: AED 135

The shiny burger at Hard Rock Cafe comes with a fresh steak patty topped with 24-karat edible gold leaf with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion. AED 10 of every order goes to charity to aid in world hunger.

Maison Rouge

Price: AED 365

A 300g Angus beef patty topped with crispy greens, fresh tomatoes, crispy greens, melted cheese, and a mouth-watering "secret sauce recipe".

24 Karat Restaurant

Price: AED 165

As the name implies, their menu consists of dishes made with gold. The Italian restaurant offers an optional side of gold flakes across its entire menu. Even the restaurant is decorated in gold. Their burger is made with slow-cooked veal and the bun is topped with – as you might have already guessed – gold!

Where You Can Eat Foods Made of Gold in Dubai

Photo credit: Maison Rouge

2.) Ice cream topped with gold

A truly indulgent summer treat, these places in Dubai carry ice cream and not just your everyday sprinkles - 24 karat gold.


Pure black ice cream

Price: AED 99

This cafe in Dubai offers a quirky ice cream choice - a pure black charcoal ice cream sprinkled with edible gold for a compelling contrast.

Black Diamond

Price: AED 3,000

There's also Dubai's most expensive ice cream the "Black Diamond." Made with ultra-lux ingredients such as Iranian saffron (costs up to US $ 100), Italian truffles, and sprinkled with 23 karat gold flakes. It's served in a Versace bowl and spoon, which you can keep afterward.

Rolling Cones

Price: AED 55

Not a bad price for ice cream coated in gold. Choose from their wide selection of flavours and sprinkle the gold flakes for a luxurious presentation.

Where You Can Eat Foods Made of Gold in Dubai

Photo credit: @dxbmuncher/Instagram

3.) 24 karat gold cappuccino

If you're looking for that afternoon coffee that will really impress your significant other's parents, potential client, work friends, or just an at-least-once treat, look no further than a cup of hot cappuccino coated in 24 karat gold.

Sahn Eddar

Price: 85

Your cup of cappuccino will come with 24 karat gold glitter, served on a gold tray, gold spoon, and golden bone-china cup. It also includes a sweet marshmallow made with gold. Located at Dubai’s seven-star hotel the Burj Al Arab, you'll find a replica of the famous structure drawn on the coffee foam.

Where You Can Eat Foods Made of Gold in Dubai

Photo credit: Arabian Business

4.) Gold treats

Perfect as gifts, have a look at these yummy pastries and snacks made with gold.

Macarons at Forrey & Galland Chocolatier

Price: Around AED 900

Looking for an eye-catching centrepiece for your next grand occasion? Who wants boring flowers when you can wow your guests with an incredible gold macaron pyramid. The dazzling arrangement will require at least 48 hours notice.

Cioccolato at Armani Ristorante

Price: AED 95

For the foodies with a sweet tooth, this chocolate dessert is worth the calories and its price. Made with dark chocolate mousse, white cream, cocoa sponge, milkshake sauce, and 24 karat gold, it's instant Instagram-food.

Gold bar cake at French Bakery

Price: AED 275

At first glance, it looks like a large, solid gold bar but once you cut into it it's actually a delicious chocolate cake. Baked with a rich combination of hazelnut dacquoise, white chocolate parfait with biscuit Breton, hazelnut mousse, speculoos cream, and a complete dust of gold glitter coating the whole piece.


Price: Around AED 3695

Bloomsbury in Dubai Mall offers a cupcake made with Ugandan vanilla beans, Italian chocolate, gold-covered strawberries, and hugged in 23 karat sheets of gold. It's not an everyday item so you'll need to let them know at least 48 hours in advance.

Where You Can Eat Foods Made of Gold in Dubai

5.) Gold snacks

Gold chicken wings at Fun & Shakes

Price: AED 2,000

The world's most expensive gold-coated fried chicken wings, these crispy, shimmering snacks went viral by popular YouTube vlogger MoVlogs.

Gold nuggets at Fairmont Dubai’s Trophy Room

Price: AED 180

These crispy, golden nuggets are made of corn-fed chicken and double breaded. An order of this will also include three dipping sauces - Danish blue cheese, black pepper ranch and ranch.

Gold samosas at Yalla Samosa

Price: AED 125

This restaurant in JLT serves a wide variety of samosa flavours, adding a unique touch to each one. Their shining star is your choice of samosa dipped completely in 24 karat gold.

Where You Can Eat Foods Made of Gold in Dubai

Photo credit: Trophy Room

6.) 24 karat gold chai

Infused with pure 24-karat gold flakes, this lux cup of tea in Dubai is a combination of 'zafraan’ and ‘karak’ tea flavours.

Available for AED 51, you can sip on this gold-dusted cuppa at the restaurant Food ka Mood in Karama, Dubai.