This Is How Cheesecake Was Made 200 Years Ago |

This Is How Cheesecake Was Made 200 Years Ago

A match of cream and comfort!

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19 May 2017

video credit: howtocookthat/YouTube

Looking for a cheesecake recipe? How about giving a go to a recipe that’s almost 200 years old?

You may find it hard to believe but our great-great-grandparents had a better appetite for all the sweet cheesy things in life than ours. Their sweet tooth required some serious hard work, time and patience. Take a look at this interesting video by popular YouTube chef, Ann Reardon of @HowToCookThat channel and you’d know what we’re talking about.

In this video, Reardon prepares a cheesecake using a recipe that is 200 years old. From actually making cheese out of curd and milk to turning almonds into powder – this version of the creamy, comforting cheesecake has a rustic touch that only comes with raw ingredients.

Give it a go and make your grandma proud!