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Expat Clubs and Societies and Sports Associations

Expat Clubs and Societies and Sports Associations

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Expat Clubs and Societies and Sports Associations

Clubs and Societies

There are many social and sports clubs in Bahrain that expats use in order to meet new friends, get fit and socialise. Because Bahrain has so many expats these clubs are generally welcoming to all. As with any country that has an influx and transience of people there are also unofficial meet up groups such as coffee mornings, ladies clubs and book clubs that operate on a word of mouth basis. EW has listed some of the most popular clubs and societies for you. 

Social Clubs

The British Club

The British Club

The British Club, which was voted "Best Social Club in the World" in the UK Telegraph's Best of British 2010 awards, is one of the oldest and most popular clubs in Bahrain. The Club was founded in 1935 and was originally known as The Gymkhana Club. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and currently has a membership of over 1600 members.
Tel: +973 17 728 245
Website: www.britishclubbahrain.com

Bahrain Round Table

Bahrain Round Table

Bahrain Round Table, is a small group of like minded individuals, who come together on a twice monthly basis. Our goal is to give back to the less fortunate within the local community. We are able to do this by raising money through hosting the Bahrain Marathon Relay event each year. A task that is no small undertaking. But as big as it is, the rewards are equally worthy. The Marathon Relay is an annual event. This year’s event will be held on Friday November 16th.
The British Club, Adliya
Tel: +973 39 536 754
Website: www.brt1.net

Hash House Harriers

Bahrain Hash House Harriers

Bahrain’s first Hash, established in 1972 by Geoff Whitehead, we have now reached over 2100 runs and celebrate our 41st anniversary on December 2nd 2012.
Various locations

Tel: +973 17 862 620
Email: bahrainhash@gmail.com
Website: www.bahrainhash.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Bahrain-Hash-House-Harriers/125262177578796


The Bahrain Arts Society

The Bahrain Arts Society

Our objective is to participate in the cultural promotion and develop fine arts in Bahrain and the surrounding region, and to take the artists into a new dimension by participating intensively in local and international arts events.
Tel: +973 1759 0551
Website: www.bahartsociety.org.bh

Bahrain Welsh Society
Tel: +973 1772 7127

Caledonian Society

Awali Caledonian Society

Messrs Cameron, Rollo Smith, Somerville and Wyper first requested the use of the BAPCO club, for a private function on the 30th November 1935. It was from this gathering that the seeds of the Caledonian Society in Bahrain was sown. The first official function of the society was to hold a 'St Andrew's Night Dinner' on the 30th November 1936. By all accounts this was a small affair, referred to as a "dinner" rather than a "dance."
Tel: +973 3655 7655
Website: www.awali-callies.com

Bahrain Irish Society

Bahrain Irish Society

The Focus of the Bahrain Irish Society is to promote Irish Culture in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Founded in 1975, the society has taken an active approach in contributing to local Bahraini charities, organising events & working in partnership with the community of Bahrain.
Email: secretary@bahrainirishsociety.com
Website: www.bahrainirishsociety.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/bahrainirishsociety

The Royal Society of St George

The Royal Society of St. George
The Royal Society of St. George was founded in 1894 with the noble object of promoting "Englishness" and the English way of life. Please join our society which promotes all things English.
Email: stevenkeeble@hotmail.com
Website: www.royalsocietyofstgeorge.com/branches/overseas/middle-east/bharain

Sports Associations

Bahrain RFC

Bahrain Rugby Footabll Club

Bahrain Rugby Football Club started life as a section of the British Club in 1971, becoming it’s own separate entity in 1974 taking up residence at a small ground on the perimeter of the Bahrain International Airports Muharraq Runway. The early days saw games played largely against local and the occasional visiting side.
Tel: +973 17 695 809
Website: www.bahrainrfc.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Bahrain-Rugby-Football-Club

Bahrain Karte center

Bahrain Karate Center

Welcome to Bahrain Karate Center! the center which follows the way of traditional Shotokan Karate taught by the late Master Sensei Taji Kase (1929 - 2004). Karate can be described as a martial art, or fighting method, involving a variety of techniques, including blocks, strikes, evasions, throws, and joint manipulations. Karate practice is divided into three aspects: kihon (basics), kata (forms), and kumite (sparring).
Tel: +973 39 247 769
Website: www.bahrainkarate.net

JKA Bahrain

Japan Karate Association

Welcome to Japan Karate Association - Bahrain, a non-profit organization created to preserve and promote Budō, the traditional martial ways of Japan. In doing so, our aim is to elevate the spirit of people of all ages and to nurture citizens who will contribute to world peace and harmony. JKA Bahrain endeveaors to contribute to the development, teaching and promotion of authentic JKA shotokan karate in Bahrain.
Tel: +973 39 822 236
Email:  dojo@jka-bahrain.com
Website: www.jka-bahrain.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jkabahrainkarate

Bahrain Yacht Club
Established over 50 years ago and situated in Sitra since 1977, the Bahrain Yacht Club today is host to the many people who share a common passion for the varied forms of sailing and water sports. Whether you are a seasoned sea dog,or just keen to get your feet wet, we offer a great range of training facilities and services to meet your requirements.
Tel: 973 17 700 677
Email: info@thebahrainyachtclub.com
Website: www.thebahrainyachtclub.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheBahrainYachtClub

Bahrain Tennis

Bahrain Tennis Federation

Bahrain Tennis Federation in cooperation with General Organization for Youth and Sport have launched 2012 program which is focused on discover the talented kids that has the potnntial to become a tennis players. The program is supervised by BTF Technical Director Hesham Malallah and assisted by coaches Mohamed Ahmed and Abdulla Mohamed.
Tel: 973 17 687 236
Website: www.bahraintennis.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Bahrain-Tennis-Federation

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