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7 Ways Your Lifestyle Habits Are Giving You Acne

Sometimes you don't need a crazy 8-step skincare routine, sometimes it could just be your day-to-day habits

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25 January 2024

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Clarice Awa

Editor Clarice Awa at ExpatWoman
What does your acne say about your health?

Breakouts... no one likes them.

Adult acne is no fun but almost unavoidable, but there are ways in which we can tackle pesky blemishes.

A good diet and skincare routine definitely play a key role to prevent flare-ups, but there are plenty of other things you can try, too, such as finding ways to manage your stress and catching some good sleep.

1.) You're not getting enough shut-eye

If those late nights spent scrolling through TikTok are keeping you up late, it's important to know that inadequate sleep does take its toll on your health, including your skin. Poor sleep can influence our skin's collagen production, moisture, and pH levels, leading to blemishes, fine lines, eyebags, as well as a dull and tired complexion.

As adults, we should generally be trying to aim for seven to nine hours of sleep every night. If you find yourself struggling to get those zzz's, we recommend turning off your screens at least an hour before bed for fewer distractions.

How Lifestyle Habits Affects The Skin and Leads to Acne

2.) Are you drinking enough water?

You've obviously heard this a hundred times before, but upping your water intake can help in reducing acne.

Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration, leading to an overproduction of oils on your skin and a build-up of dead skin cells that can clog your pores.

How Lifestyle Habits Affects The Skin and Leads to Acne

3.) You might be stressed

Feeling stressed because of work, studies, family, finances, relationship problems, and more, can also lead to flare-ups on your skin.

It would be worth taking the time to find ways to relax, unwind, and seek solutions to managing what has been causing your stress.

How Lifestyle Habits Affects The Skin and Leads to Acne

4.) You're not cleansing your face

Consider this: How many times per day do you touch your face with your hands, reuse the same makeup tools, put your phone to your face, or are exposed to traffic and open air?

It's a good idea to cleanse your face twice a day (once in the morning and another before bed), be sure to clean your makeup brushes, sanitise your phone, and keep your hands clean before touching your face.

5.) Your bedsheets and pillowcases aren't frequently changed

Not frequently changing your bedsheets and pillowcases can also cause acne, due to the dead skin cells, oils, sweat, makeup, and bacteria that rubs onto our sheets from our face, hair, and body.

Remember to switch out your pillowcases and bedsheets with clean ones every two weeks.

How Lifestyle Habits Affects The Skin and Leads to Acne

6.) You're drinking too much caffeine and/or alcohol

Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, energy drinks, and certain teas can cause dehydration, leading to breakouts on your skin. The same also applies for alcoholic beverages. We recommend cutting back on caffeine and alcohol - your skin will thank you!

7.) Cut down on smoking

When you smoke cigarettes, one of the many adverse effects of nicotine consumption is premature skin aging and other conditions such as acne and eczema. This is caused by our skin absorbing the nicotine from cigarettes, according to Medical News Today.