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Top 5 Visa-on-Arrival Destinations for UAE Residents to Escape the Summer Heat

Check out these gorgeous countries that offer visa-on-arrival for UAE residents, with wonderfully mild weather during summer

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30 May 2024

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Clarice Awa

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Top visa-on-arrival countries for UAE residents with cooler weather

Dreaming of summer escapes? Here are some must-visit visa-on-arrival destinations for UAE residents!

While there's a good number of countries providing visa-on-arrival for UAE residents, some have weather that can be too hot to enjoy especially during the summer months.

If you're looking to escape the UAE's warm weather and take advantage of the long weekend for Eid Al Adha 2024, add these countries to your holiday bucket list!

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We take a look at five stunning destinations with lovely mild weather during this time of the year, without the hassle of applying for a tourist visa.

1. Georgia

This beautiful country sees summer temperatures as low as 18 to 21°C, and during the winter season visitors can enjoy snow and white-capped mountains to explore. On top of the mild summer climate, Georgia is less than a 5-hour plane ride away from the emirates!

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From the Caucasus mountain ranges to beaches by the Black Sea, there's loads to do and explore in Georgia.

Top countries with visa-on-arrival for UAE residents | Georgia

Pictured: Tbilisi city views in Georgia

2. Armenia

Armenia's hottest month (July) sees an average of 25 to 27°C, with cooler summer temperatures closer to the mountainous regions.

Travelling from the emirates to Armenia takes less than 5 hours by plane, and also offers hassle-free visa-on-arrival for UAE residents that is valid for a month. Visitors are in for a treat, with a wide array of vineyards (if that's your thing) to sample, hearty Armenian cuisine to enjoy, historical sites to visit, and much more.

Top countries with visa-on-arrival for UAE residents | Armenia

Pictured: Ruins of the Zvartnos Temple in Armenia

3. Montenegro

Montenegro gets average highs of 25-30°C during the summer months, along with the occasional rain and thunderstorms.

This underrated gem in the Balkans stands out for their medieval architecture villages, picturesque coastal towns, lush mountain forests, glacial lakes, and delicious cuisine. It's a country made of sailors and highlanders, and this is reflected in their buildings, activities, dining, and way of life.

We recommend checking out Lake Skadar, Herceg-Novi, Perast, and Luštica. UAE residents receive a 90-day visit visa upon arriving in the country.

Top countries with visa-on-arrival for UAE residents | Montenegro

Pictured: Lake Skadar in Montenegro

4. Oman

As a Middle Eastern country, the Sultanate of Oman typically has long hot temperatures, but the Khareef or monsoon season in Salalah is when you'd want to visit.

Usually occurring from late June to September, Khareef season is when Salalah's residents and visitors can experience a dip in temperature (averaging 20-25°C), frequent rainfall, lush green forests, mountain springs, and thick fog.

Offering a significantly cooler summer getaway, a short travel time of 1 hour and 30 minutes by plane, and with the benefit of visa-on-arrival entry for UAE residents, why not add Oman to your Eid holiday list this year?

Top countries with visa-on-arrival for UAE residents | Oman

5. Azerbaijan

Average summer temperatures in the windy mountainous north and west of Azerbaijan is between 15 to 20ºC, and approximately 27 to 35ºC in the east and southeastern parts during their peak hottest months (July and August).

Located between the Caspian Sea and Caucasus mountains, this lovely country is a blend of Europe and Asia, with architecture dating back to its former Soviet days and even further centuries ago.

UAE residents receive a tourist visa upon arrival in Azerbaijan (valid for one month), and a direct flight takes around 3 hours.

Top countries with visa-on-arrival for UAE residents | Azerbaijan