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4 Ways To Wear Bold Gold Jewellery

Four tips to coordinate bold gold jewellery with your outfit and style, according to a jewellery designer

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4 August 2023

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How to Wear and Style Bold Gold Jewellery

Images and text: Supplied by Jacquie Aiche

Top tips to work bold jewellery into your wardrobe.

Gold jewellery is a timeless classic, and jewellery designer Jacquie Aiche shares tips on making your gold pieces stand out like never before!

Jacquie, the woman behind the self-named boutique crafting fine jewellery handmade with love in Los Angeles, gave four ways to coordinate bold gold jewellery with your outfit.

1.) Layer different necklaces for a truly unique statement look.

When styling bold gold jewellery, the key lies in layering. Combining pieces of varied styles and lengths can be an excellent way to add luxury and depth to your outfit.

For optimal layering, choose necklaces with different sizes, leaving a slight gap in between, ensuring each piece has the spotlight.

How to style gold jewellery with outfit

2.) Design matters.

Incorporating the perfect pair of earrings can instantly elevate your everyday outfits into stand-out looks.

Consider designs such as large hoops or oversized studs to amplify your look.

3.) Mix and match bold gold jewellery for a balanced look.

Start with an eye-catching statement ring, then experiment by stacking chunky golden bands alongside thinner rings for balance.

Remember to amplify your style with stacked bracelets of different widths and designs to create an eye-catching ensemble.

Top tips to wear gold jewellery with outfit

4.) Outfit coordination is key when styling bold gold jewellery.

Considering your ensemble is essential, ensure keeping your outfit simple to allow your jewellery pieces to stand out and avoid overwhelming the look.

Remember, gold jewellery effortlessly enhances even the most understated outfits, striking a perfect balance for a confident and captivating look.