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Here Are the Biggest Wedding Trends to Look Out For in 2024

If you’re looking for some wedding ideas, check out these top 7 wedding trends for inspiration

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29 December 2023

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Clarice Awa

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Top 7 UAE Wedding Trends in 2024

Here's what's in store for 2024 that wedding planner experts anticipate...

Saying "I do" in 2024? Then our list of wedding trends is here to help you plan!

No two weddings are exactly the same, so make your special day extraordinary with these top 7 wedding ideas for 2024 in the UAE.

1.) Live wedding paintings.

Live wedding painters have grown in popularity in 2023, and we don't see them going away in 2024. More and more couples are considering hiring a live wedding painter to capture their marriage ceremony, reception, or other special moments in an artistic way.

These standout over traditional photos and can become a wedding keepsake or heirloom. Watching the painters work their magic also makes for a unique form of entertainment for the wedding guests, as they get to see a blank canvas come to life throughout the event.

Top 7 UAE Wedding Trends in 2024 | Live wedding painters

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2.) Wedding veils are making a comeback.

After being classified as outdated for the past couple seasons, the bride's wedding veil is starting to make a comeback for cost-conscious brides looking to add some extra styling to her wedding attire.

Top 7 UAE Wedding Trends in 2024 | Bride wedding veils

3.) Weekender weddings.

Why celebrate your wedding for one day when you can turn it into a weekend-long event? Think rehearsal dinner followed by the main wedding event, with a family and friends brunch the day after.

Top 7 UAE Wedding Trends in 2024 | Weekender Weddings

4.) Meaningful menus.

Personalising the wedding menu has been in style lately, with couples adding old family recipes, a cultural food, or a key menu item that means a lot to the bride and groom such as a dish that they loved on their first date.

Top 7 UAE Wedding Trends in 2024 | Personalised menus

5.) Giving guests disposable cameras for wedding photos.

To-be-weds looking for a unique set of wedding photos can look towards giving disposable cameras to their guests for candid and posed pictures.

After the party, get the films processed at a camera shop to see all the fun pictures taken.

Top 7 UAE Wedding Trends in 2024 | Disposable cameras for candid wedding photos

6.) Mini weddings.

Though they're small in size, mini wedding details bring big impact. Consider mini bridal dresses, mini wedding cakes, mini bouquets, and other fun pint-sized wedding details.

Top 7 UAE Wedding Trends in 2024 | Mini weddings

7.) Intimate wedding brunches and dinners

Another wedding trend that experts suggest may be everywhere in 2024 are smaller, more personal weddings.

Rather than a big blowout wedding that may cost thousands in dirhams, some expat couples are opting for intimate-sized celebrations. For example, a wedding dinner, afternoon tea, brunch, or a fabulous lunch for just 15 people after completing the civil ceremonies.

This allows couples to celebrate a huge milestone in their relationship with the people they cherish the most.