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Cheap Eats - your favs

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11/03/2012 15:08:06
I would like to resurrect this thread to see if anyone wants to add a new favourite to their cheap eats Doha list of restaurants.

I have a couple to add.

Al Khayal. A Lebanese restaurant right across the street from the entrance to Al Jazeera, on C ring, close to TV roundabout. Very good quality food at a very decent price. It might be more than other Lebanese places but it's worth it from a quality stand point. Best fattoush I've had in this country. Great shewarma. For an indication of price, a generous portion of fattoush is QR15, a shawarma is QR12. Their BBQ chicken is also very good value.

For breakfast I've been to Quick Bites at the Renaissance a couple of times now. A very good breakfast including coffee is about QR60. Perhaps not super cheap, but worth it for the ambiance and quality of service and food.

Anyone have any new finds they want to tell us about?

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11/03/2012 21:55:39
My new favorite is Vapiano in The Gate. Excellent pizza, pasta and salads. MB&co at The Gate is also good, highly recommend their Salade Nicoise.

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12/03/2012 16:06:32
To add something a little more negative - a recent visit to Yoko Sizzler has made it into to my 'Top 5 Worst Meals Ever' list. But my husband didn't mind his - he doesn't mind completely soggy chips. Maybe it was a bad night.

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15/03/2012 12:27:48
Zaatar w Zeit ( they have two locations) but we've ordered from the one close to Education City (AL-Rayyan)...
The food tastes delicious! Im not sure about the prices..since we ordered for a gathering..but everyone chipped in...but the Saaj was amazing! Maybe not cheap eats...more like 'mid -range'..

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15/03/2012 13:53:34
We've eaten at Zaatar w Zeit in souq Waqif -- and I'm pretty sure it was in the "cheap eats" range!

I also agree with Vapiano AND MBC in the Gate.

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15/03/2012 15:22:06
ooohhh, zatar w zeit, love thier habash w jabbneh.

just wish they had more than one outlet because the souk one is too far for me

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17/03/2012 15:23:15
Thai Smile in Al Rumeilah Park (I call it Al Bidda Park - The big park between the Corniche and Al Bidda Street) - At the National Theatre end. - GREAT! Went there with a group of girlfriends last Thursday, and there is Lots of choice - and our bill came to QR29 each (that was with a fair amount of food, water and some cokes too!!!) Very Cheap.
Unless you know where it is, or somebody told you - you would never believe it was there. The row of shops along the canal in the middle of the park!
Worth hunting for.

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