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Horrible experience in Doha clinic

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13/03/2012 11:39:55
Hi ladies,
Have been going to Doha clinic for my pregnancy since I arrived in Doha which is 3 wks.. The consultant was nice and things were going well.. Now I'm a high risk pregnancy due to high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.. Both are controlled with meds... I'm also just 37wks so not much time... Anyway went for my appointment yesterday and dr informers me she has resigned and will not be there for my c section.... But said not to worry she would find another dr to take over.. So I went off got my ultrasound done and when I came back she informs me that none of the dr's will take me. The hospital don't want complicated cases..... I just broke down thinking I can't fly home, and there is no one who will help me..... I was devastated... Just left and went home where I rang my health insurance company (after i took a few deep breaths) and I'm covered in Al ahil hospital.. Rang them and they were so nice.. Am going tomorrow to them... But It was not a nice experience and it did not help my blood pressure I can tell u... So just be warned...

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13/03/2012 11:50:48
Oh Momoyum

Thats terrible, I was almost in tears reading thinking what a terrible thing to go through when youre so close to your due date. Fingers crossed for Al Ahli tomorrow, now put your feet up and enjoy a nice cuppa and believe everything is going to be ok.

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13/03/2012 12:12:31
Thanks Melj,
My 22 mt old is stopping me from having feet up all day but yes an uneventful day is just what I need... What I wouldnt have done yest for a big glass of vino.. Or possible JD... But only few more wks to go thank god....

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14/03/2012 15:32:05
Hope things went okay for you at Ah Ahli.. thinking of you!

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14/03/2012 19:03:24
Thanks desert diva,
AlAhli were amazing.. Made me feel so at ease and my baby will be in my arms by next thursday once everything goes to plan.. So I'm trying to take it easy but 22mt old having none of it... Ah well..

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23/03/2012 05:55:34
Our son was born yesterday in Al Ahli hospital.. They were amazing/ are amazing and am glad I had to move to this hospital... Now the real fun begins...

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23/03/2012 13:03:01
Congratulations Momoyum! Glad to hear all went well!

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23/03/2012 16:25:43
Congratulations to you and your family!

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23/03/2012 20:03:32
Momoyum, thats such lovely news. Welcome to your new son and many, many congratulations to you and your family. xxx

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