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Happy Habitat pet sitter

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19/04/2012 13:04:46
Has anyone used them?

I'm considering changing to Happy Habitat from Homley Petz as they offer a shorter daily visit for cats (suits me as my cats don't like strangers at all) & its considerably cheaper, but I just want to make sure their service is up to the same standard.

Any feedback would be great.

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19/04/2012 13:13:12
Their reputation proceeds them and i wouldn't touch them with a bargepole

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15/09/2012 08:44:20
Has anyone else used Happy Habitat? Any feedback?

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15/09/2012 10:34:30
Hi there, I have used Happy Habitat countless times from the start and have nothing but praise for them. I find their services to be nothing but exceptional and I wouldn't trust leaving my cats with just anyone ( and I have used a few other people in the past who have not been anywhere near as reliable).

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