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I've been here for one week! not sure what to do with myself after work and on weekends!

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29/04/2012 17:41:36
Any suggestions?

I have 3-4 more weeks before hubby and my girls are here, and need to find something to do! other than shopping that is.

Coffee anyone?

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29/04/2012 23:28:23
Hi! Welcome to Doha! What area do you live in? Maybe that would help people who may live near you, but don't like to travel far. I'm heading out on vacation, or I would love to have coffee with you!

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30/04/2012 08:01:07
Plus, you could enjoy some special 'me' time, and have a trip to the spa.

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02/05/2012 05:53:20
Church on a Friday morning or a Sunday night? Nice way to meet people.

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02/05/2012 07:59:35
Hi Minnie,

I"m around for coffee this weekend, Saturday is best. I'm in West Bay but can travel.
edited by katcalls on 05/05/2012

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03/05/2012 20:02:31
Hey ladies thanks for your replies.. Im in West bay too Katcalls... zigzag towers.. I'll email you re coffee.
I went to Katara a couple of nights ago but felt silly strolling around on my own! and it was too hot for me and that was at 8pm! Im told this is not hot.. not yet!

Ironically Ausgirl I went to 2 spas this week for work meetings.. so as they showed me around I just wanted to ditch my heels, ipad and phone and jump into one of those pools.

Went to Project Doha last night, again for work but at least I spent the whole evening talking to PEOPLE!! A few expats asked why the **** did I move here what was I thinking making comments like "its dead boring with no where to go" ummm yeh I noticed!

Anyway a bit about me... I am a designer an adopted Kiwi of Pharaoh descent... I am obsessed with shoes and usually want to buy every pair I see.. BUT since having my girls I somehow managed to have some self control when it comes to shopping!!

Hence why I am here... online... on a Thursday(it still sounds weird that thursday is EOW)... instead of shopping at the mall lol

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04/05/2012 18:24:45
Ooh, any spa recommendations? I keep reading about people thinking there is not much to do in Doha, boring, etc, but I don't think that at all. I think it is a really friendly place, and I'm not sure what it is that I can't do here. Maybe fewer concerts, less clubs. There actually seems to be plenty on, but it just isn't well advertised, or you don't hear about it until a few days before, or after.

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04/05/2012 21:20:02
No spa recommendations yet! but would be interested if any of you have any!

So far I think Qatar is really nice.. I found out about a beach party last night but thought it'd be too lame to go by myself, plus I was nursing a cold/flu or something similar lol, so ended up asleep on the couch for the evening!

Went to see Citycenter today... hmmm I dont think I'll be visiting again, well not on a friday anyway lol then I swung by Katara to check out the pop up fashion Market thats on this weekend... my god was hot! i just got back into the cab and asked him to take me home!

Cant wait to have a couple of galpals to go out and about with tho!

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04/05/2012 21:58:35
City Center was absolutely insane today. It hasn't been that busy in a long time! Braved the lines at Max to buy some items that I need for my students for costumes for our year end show. I have to admit that if I was buying something for myself I would have put it back and left. Stood in line for more than 30 minutes to pay!

Then went to Home Centre which was a little less insane, but after that I couldn't even bring myself to go to Carrefour for groceries...

Early afternoon on a Friday City Center is fine ... but the later it gets the busier it gets.

I can recommend a couple of spas for you:

My absolute favourite at the moment is Essence Spa. It is located on Al Waab on the same side as Villagio and Hyatt Plaza. Go through the lights just past Hyatt Plaza then take the first right on to the side street running parallel to Al Waab and it's just down a bit on the right. They have a good selection of different types of massages and treatments.

Another spa that I go to is Diva Lounge on Al Kinana Street (same street as the Toy's R' Us. They have a more limited selection of massages and treatments but they are quite good.

I would not recommend Skin & Soul though. Had a massage, pedicure and manicure there a few weeks ago and was absolutely disappointed. It was the worst massage of my life, the atmosphere was disappointing, and within 2 days my pedicure/manicure was chipping off. However, I do know people who have good experiences there -- I just won't be going back.

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