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Internet and Skype - reliable and affordable?

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27/07/2013 13:52:23
Hi ladies
Just wondering how easy you have found it to keep in contact with the folks back home? Is the internet reliable? Does Skype work well? Any alternatives which you have found easy to use? What is the likely cost involved?

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27/07/2013 15:49:08
I used to use Skype but now prefer using Facetime for contacting people. I also have daily contact with people using Whatsapp too.

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27/07/2013 21:49:11
I don't know if Skype is throwing a tantrum or what's going on but after being reliable (not to mention cheap), its been hopeless for the past couple of weeks. The connection's dropping out after a couple of seconds or there's a loud metaliic sound that drowns out everything or I can only pick up one word in six. DH rang Australia today and while they could hear him he couldn't hear them.
edited by Hamra on 27/07/2013

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28/07/2013 00:20:19
Hamra- I haven't been having any problems with Skype lately. I used it yesterday to videochat with my parents-- but we used to have random problems with Skype and vonage in previous houses, so who knows

I use a lot of apps regularly - but these require the other person to have the app:

-I really like Viber for calls. I think it's the best- but it requires the other person to have a smart phone. I also use it for text messages and video/ photo sending

-I also use what's app all the time for text messages, video/ photo sending. I prefer Viber, but not as many people have Viber it seems.

-A few of my friends contact me on Kakaotalk-- which is good too.

-You can leave voicemails with people using Voxer. I don't really use it myself, but it was popular about a year ago.

I use facetime for people with Mac products.

We still have an old Vonage number that we have been to lazy to disconnect... we pay too much for it, and keep talking about discontinuing it, but haven't yet.

edited to add costs --

The costs depend on who you are contacting. IF you and the person have a smartphone and the same app, then the calls/ sms/ etc are free using skype, whatsapp, kakaoutalk, viber, voxer.

If the person does not connect using a computer or a smartphone, then you are pretty much limited to Skype. And then each country has different rates.

I think it's worth paying to have a highspeed internet connection in your house so that you never have problems with these various apps/ programs.

That said, I also call the US on my Q-Tel cell phone a lot... but I pay an extra QR 100/ month to my plan for some sort of international plan and I get a ton of minutes I can use to call internationally.
edited by JillMV on 28/07/2013

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28/07/2013 10:45:44
Internet speed is generally ok if you live in an area with fibre. Think we usually get around 10mbps now - although there is no fibre yet in West Bay and we only used to get 1-2mbps there. Most areas are now connected (although getting it turned on is a saga for another thread), here is the map showing where it is available.
edited by tamieg1 on 28/07/2013

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31/07/2013 05:17:31
JillMV wrote:

That said, I also call the US on my Q-Tel cell phone a lot... but I pay an extra QR 100/ month to my plan for some sort of international plan and I get a ton of minutes I can use to call internationally.
edited by JillMV on 28/07/2013

Can you please advise, which plan you are on (international Plan), I'll be making daily calls to Australia and am looking for a good deal for cell connection. Thanks

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31/07/2013 21:58:53
I'm pretty sure this is what I have

check out there are various packages and add-ons.

International Key

The International Key for Shahry Packs turns all of your local allowances for calls, SMS/MMS into International traffic. For just QR100 additional fee each month you can call locally or internationally using your inclusive bundle minutes and SMS/MMS. Out of bundle charges will apply if your allowance is all consumed before the next month.
To activate the International Key, send a free SMS with “Key IR” to 114.
To deactivate the International Key, send a free SMS with ”Key IR Stop” to 114.

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03/08/2013 21:31:18
I've had problems with Skype, but if you turn off all other wifi gadgets, it works perfectly. There was always a bad signal, cut outs, etc before I turned everything else off.

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07/08/2013 01:51:44
Thanks for all the replies. I'll be honest, most of them have gone right over my head! Hopefully it will all make sense when I get out there Good to know though that at least reasonable internet access should be possible.

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