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Welcome to ExpatWoman Qatar! is the best community website for all the information you need about living in Doha and Qatar. If you are wondering things like… Should we move to Qatar? Where will we live in Doha? Which school should I send our children to? What will life be like in Qatar? How can I get a job in Doha? How will we meet other expats in Qatar? What events are happening in Doha? You are in the right place! Let us be your Qatar guide. The website is written by women, for women- for expats living in or relocating to Qatar. We want to enable expats to connect, participate and share and have a great Information Forum>> for this- where you can look for advice and help others too. Enjoy!
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Schools In Doha
Choosing a school for your little ones can be a daunting task and one of the top worries for many expats- don't panic! We've got a whole section dedicated to education in Doha. The section features all the many nurseries, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and adult education. All you need to find the perfect education route for you and your family in Qatar.
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Nursery Schools In Doha
If you're looking for day care, kindergarten or a nursery in Doha you are in the right place! We've got a list of all the options available to you and your little ones. There's lots of different choices for you and here you can see them all in one place to help you make your decision. This can be quite a hard choice at it will be your little one's first entry into eduction so it's ok to be nervous at this time!
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Families In Qatar
Want to know about living with your family whilst living in Doha and Qatar? Family life as an expat can be great fun and interesting times and information is key. We've got everything you need to know in this section from pregnancy and birth advice, all things to do with your toddlers, what kind of plants you'll find in your garden and out and about and all things animal in our Pets & Vets section.
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Doha Restaurants & More!
If you are wondering where to eat in Doha you're in the right place! We've got all the fab restaurants listed for you as well as meal deals, offers and happenings in the Qatar culinary scene. We have 100s of inspirational recipes covering everything from gluten free cookery to Arabic cuisine and a Cookery & Baking section with tons of top cooking tips and ideas. There's also sections on healthy eating and diets.
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  Events in Qatar
Need to know what's going on in Doha? We've got all the top events listed for you here. Everything from Mums & Tots mornings to the great sporting, music and cultural events you can go to. It's so important to keep yourself busy when you're an expat and make sure you are socialising and making friends- we don't want anyone getting lonely! Let us help you get your social diary filled up and get you out there mingling.
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Expat Clubs & Societies
When you move to a new county it's really important to start building your social network, find friends and have some hobbies- we don't want you feeling lonely or bored! It can be hard being away from family and friends. There are so many clubs in Doha that you can join- from country clubs to gardening clubs from sports clubs to reading groups and everything in between... we've got them all here for you.
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Expat Life In Qatar
Want to know what it is like to actually live in Doha or Qatar? Qatar has a high standard of living and many expats find living in Qatar a very different experience. Exciting job opportunities and equally promising salaries, together with the attraction of the country make Qatar an enticing place. Read our guides about everything from shopping to the weather, where to live and how to get out and about.
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Where To Go & What To See 
There is a lot to see and do in Qatar from historical sites, museums and buildings to shops, parks, entertainment zones and fun activities! The Corniche is a focal point in Qatar and runs for seven kilometres alongside the coast from Ras Abu Abboud to the Sheraton Hotel. It’s a pleasant place to stroll (or jog!) and admire the ever developing skyline of Doha! There are some great sights to be seen!
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Make Your Home In Qatar
The lifestyle in Qatar is one of luxury with large apartments, restaurant eating, frequent travel and a safe environment. If you are moving here for the first time or are after some extra information on the accommodation and living in Qatar this guide is for you. Moving to a new country with a different culture to yours can be daunting as can finding accommodation without knowing the all the areas.
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Top Tips For Life In Qatar
We've got a special FAQs section packed full of infromation about life in Doha and Qatar as an expat. Everything is covered from how to get your RP, where can you get your driving licence from, what are the alcohol laws, how to get a maid, what charities to volunteer for, where can you play golf- and so much more! It's updated frequently so that we can give you the best info.
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Qatar Information Forum
We've got a special interactive section packed full of informative answers to all those frequently asked questions we get about life in Qatar. Covering everything from the legalities required to live in Doha, how to employ a maid, how to get your Residence Permit, what schools fees are, information on driving in Qatar and so much more! Visit our forum to join in the conversation today.
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We Need You!
We're always looking for fresh new content on the site so if you'd like to see your words published on any expat life topic- from where to live in Doha, things to do in Qatar, hidden treasures in Qatar, tops tips for living in Doha, gardening, pets or news about your charity or group event. Just get writing! Email and we'll get you online v. soon!

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