Doha Qatar Schools List

Doha Qatar Schools List

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Schools In Doha, Qatar

Here we have collected all the expat primary and secondary schools for you in one big list. We've also highlighted which curriculum each school is utilising to help you in your choice. To read more about the school, its history, its facilities, its admissions policy and curriculum followed- click on the logo or the name of the school to visit the dedicated page.

gems american academy qatar
 GEMS American Academy
 American Curriculum
 0444 60136 | Website
Qatar school fees
 Qatar School Fees
 Research school fees here...
Nurseries in Qatar
 Qatar Nurseries
 Where to send your little ones...
al jazeera academy doha
Al Jazeera Academy
IB programme/ IGCSE
american school of doha
American School Of Doha
AERO USA Curriculum 
cambridge school doha
Cambridge School Doha
National UK Curriculum
cambridge international school for girls
Cambridge School For Girls
National UK Curriculum
compass international school doha
Compass International School
UK Curriculum/ IGCSE
doha montessori british school
Doha British School
Nat. UK Curriculum/ Intl Bacc
doha college
Doha College
National UK curriculum
 doha english speaking school
Doha English Speaking School
National UK Curriculum
doha modern indian school
Doha Modern Indian School
CBSE India
english modern high school
English Modern High School
CIPP Cambridge International
german school doha
German School Of Doha
ABI International
gulf english school qatar
Gulf English School
National UK Curriculum
 choueifat school doha
Int'l School Of Choueifat
SABIS Curriculum
loydence academy
Loydence Academy
British Curriculum
MES Indian School
MES Indian School
CBSE India
newton british school
Newton British School
National UK Curriculum
park house school qatar
Park House English School
 National UK Curriculum
qatar academy
Qatar Academy
International Baccalaureate
qatar canadian school
Qatar Canadian School
Alberta Education Programs
 qatar international school
Qatar International School QIS
National UK Curriculum
 qatar norwegian school
Qatar Norwegian School
Norwegian Curriculum
sherborne qatar school
Sherborne Qatar
National UK Curriculum
acs doha international school qatar
ACS Doha International
IB & AP Curriculums
ISL Qatar
International School Of London
IB Curriculum

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school feesSchool Fees In Qatar

We've also compiled a big list of school fees for most of the expat schools in Doha for you, to help you with budgetting and planning your finances for the year ahead. Schools fees can be expensive so it's important to take this into consideration when planning a move or when choosing a school. here we have all the curriculum details, contact details, locations and school fees of the most popular expat schools for UK, American and Indian curricula 

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school kids qatarAll Schools In Qatar

If you are looking for a list of all schools in Qatar- not just the expat ones we've got one for you here. It;s a great tool for looking at to see the breadth and depth of what is available school wise to halp you narrow down your search. Choosing a school can seem like a very difficult task and causes lots of families stress. It's time to start taking notes and doing some reasearch so you can find the most suitable school for your child or children. We wish you luck in your school search and hope we have helped! 

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