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Welcome to ExpatWoman Saudi Arabia!

ExpatWoman.com is the best community website for all the information you need about moving to and living in Saudi Arabia. If you are wondering about things like… Should we move to Bahrain? What are the compounds like? Which school should I send our children to? What will life be like in Saudi Arabia? How can I get a job in Saudi Arabia? What is the dress code? You are in the right place! Let us be your Saudi Arabian guide. The ExpatWoman.com website is written by women, for women- for expats living in or relocating to Saudi Arabia. We want to enable expats to connect, participate and share and have a great Information Forum for this- where you can look for advice and help others too.
  • Schools In Saudi Arabia

    Schools In Saudi Arabia

    Choosing a school for your little ones can be a daunting task and one of the top worries for many expats- don't panic! We've got a whole section dedicated to education in Saudi Arabia. The section features all the many nurseries, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. There is a wide choice and the educational standard is high.

  • Families In Saudi Arabia

    Families In Saudi Arabia

    Want to know about living with your family whilst living in Saudi Arabia? Family life as an expat can be great fun and interesting times. We've got everything you need to know in this section from pregnancy and birth advice, all things to do with your toddlers, what kind of plants you'll find in your garden and more! This will help you find ideas and the info you need to kick start your life.

  • First Time Arrivals

    First Time Arrivals

    Are you arriving to Saudi Arabia for the first time? You have heard that it’s very different here, and it is, but not to worry we have an arrival guide for you detailing what to look for in your visa, what the plane journey will be like and how it will be when you land in Saudi Arabia. This guide will tell you what to pack, what to leave at home and what to expect when you land in KSA.

  • Discover Saudi Arabia

    Discover Saudi Arabia

    If you're looking to find about more about Saudi Arabia you are in the right place. We take a look at everything from the climate and geography to what it is like to live in KSA. The country has an interesting and deeply rich history, rooted in the religion of Islam. Oil reserves have led to its development as a power player in the economy.

  • Events in Saudi Arabia

    Events in Saudi Arabia

    Do you need to know what’s going on in Saudi Arabia? We have all the event listings right here. We also take a look at all the sales and shopping festivals, conferences, summits and so much more. Let us help you get your diary filled up and get you out and about in Saudi Arabia. We list as many events as we can to fill your life up.

  • Pets & Vets

    Pets & Vets

    Are you bringing your pets with you to Saudi Arabia, or do you already have a furry friend? We have a list of the local pet and veterinary services. We also have information about kennels where you can leave your furry friends when you travel, information about the local animal shelter and about pet relocation services.

  • Top Tips For Life In Saudi Arabia

    Top Tips For Life In Saudi 

    We've got a special FAQs section packed full of information about life in Saudi Arabia as an expat. Everything is covered from how to get your Residence Permit, where can you get your driving licence from, how to get a maid, what the labour law says, where can you play golf- and so much more! It gets updated regularly so that we can give you the best information on what is going on in the Kingdom.

  • Sightseeing


    There is a lot for expatriates who live in Saudi Arabia to see and do during their residence in the Kingdom. We have all the information on the museums, historical sites and art galleries where you can experience the Saudi history. There are a multitude of shopping malls and complexes, parks and beaches for you to see. Take a look here to see what you can get up to in Saudi Arabia.

  • KSA Information Forum

    KSA Information Forum

    Join our site to become a member and you can post way on our information forum- or you can read without being a member. It's full of real and useful information from other women who live in Saudi Arabia and helps you get those niggly questions answered from people with first hand experience on expat life in KSA. Visit our ExpatWoman forum to join in the conversation today.

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