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Many people choose to bring their families to Saudi Arabia when they first move here, it makes life easier especially when looking for a compound or buying a big car. People also choose to marry and start families in Saudi Arabia which is why we've explored money and finances. We also have all the information for moving and living here with your family as well as a guide to getting married and having a baby in the Kingdom.

  • Your Private Wealth Boutique

    Her Finance is a wealth advisory focused on empowering you with the knowledge and know-how to make informed decisions that will take care of every aspect of your financial life. We’ll teach you to love your finances and you’ll learn it’s not complicated to reach your goals.

  • The Homemaker’s Guide to Avoiding a Retirement Crisis

    As a stay-at-home parent living an expat life, saving for your retirement is possibly the last thing on your mind right now. Sadly, it’s this sentiment that has homemakers classed in the ‘high risk’ category, where pensions and retirement are concerned.

  • Review: IV Vitamin Therapy at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

    It’s a treatment that has become increasingly popular thanks to celebs and their health fads, so our Editor tried it out for herself to see the benefits of having one…

  • Celebrating the Wisdom of Money-Wise Mums

    Our first lessons in life about finances generally come from our parents and when it comes to being money-savvy, it is Mum we need to thank. Research has shown she holds the purse strings and teaches us the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’, while Dad dishes out the pocket money. Senior Wealth Manager for Her Finance and Mother of four grown children Debbie Younie shares her top tips on laying strong financial foundations, right from the start.

  • Marriage

    It is possible for a man and a woman to get married in Saudi Arabia, even if they are not nationals in the Kingdom. Due to the fact that only the Muslim religion is permitted in the Kingdom expatriates can only get married in their Embassy and each country’s embassy has different requirements in order to process the marriage certificate.

  • Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is not something that occurs accidentally in Saudi Arabia and expat pregnancies are often planned. The simple truth is that it is expensive to give birth and raising a child is also pricier in the Kingdom than it may be in your home country. Furthermore extra marital relationships are prohibited and a pregnancy out of wedlock would land the woman, and man in a lot of trouble in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Childbirth

    Many young couples move to Saudi Arabia in order to earn a tax free salary and save up for their future. There comes a time in every young couple’s life where the decision to have children becomes more and more pressing. The first decision that future parents have to make is whether to have their child in Saudi Arabia or to fly to their home country to give birth.

  • Final salary pension? Your retirement income is at risk!

    These 'gold-plated' schemes are supposed to be guaranteed – but savers are being misled, a top pensions official has warned. Alan Rubenstein, head of the Pension Protection Fund, called on companies operating pensions schemes that are in jeopardy to be honest with members.

  • Dubai property prices finally hit rock bottom!

    Property prices in the glass and steel desert city of Dubai are set to bounce back after years of decline. The United Arab Emirates city was badly hit by the global downturn as developers and investors were trapped in an off-plan housing bubble that dramatically burst leaving an oversupply of property and many speculators going bust.

  • Transfer Your UK Pension

    If you no longer live in the UK it is important that you review your options regarding your Final Salary pension scheme, a possible transfer should be considered.

  • Why do Expats Need a Will?

    Without a will, no one really knows what your wishes were on death and the tax man is likely to take a larger slice of your estate. Be sure you know everything you need to to make sure your family are taken care of if the worst is to happen.

  • Pets & Vets

    Many Saudi and expat families have pets. Hence there are a number of vets and pet shops in the Kingdom making keeping a pet possible. It is best to check with your landlord before signing the rental agreement, that your pet is allowed. Many residential areas in the Kingdom do not allow dogs, however some compounds are pet friendly.

  • Maid Hiring and Visa

    Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia are allowed to hire a housemaid if they have business occupations as per their Iqama, otherwise they cannot apply for a housemaid visa. There are many agencies that specialise in facilitating a maid hire. Expatriate investors have a special facility to get a maid visa from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA).

  • Crafts & Crafters

    Crafts are a huge thing right now, and everyone is getting involved in their own, big way - whether it's recycling, upcycling, embroidery, jewellery making, cupcake baking... It's all getting very creative! Here we take a look at our Editor's picks of the best handicrafts and artisans in the Kingdom.

  • Visas for Newborns

    Newborn children are issued a visa in order to reside with their parents in Saudi Arabia, without a visa authorization number only if they are less than one year old. We have all the information on what you and your spouse will need to successfully apply for a visa for your newborn child.

  • Law in KSA

    KSA has strict laws and procedures that abide by Sharia Law, which is why it's important for all expatriates to familiarise themselves with the laws of the land. Everyday actions like holding hands are forbidden in KSA and sometimes punishment can be severe. It is also good to know what recourses there are for expats to take in regards to Labour Law and Housing.

  • Bereavement

    The death of a family member is hard to deal with emotionally but when you are an expatriate in Saudi Arabia you will also have to follow the procedures of dealing with the death of a family member. We have some guidelines in the case of a death in the Kingdom and advise for the families abroad who will have to deal with the paperwork and red tape.

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