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Out & About

Out & About

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Out & About

Out & About

If you're new to Saudi or just looking for things to do in Saudi we have a guide of cultural and leisure activities for you to indulge in and take the family to. There are many museums and art galleries in Saudi Arabia that will enrich your cultural knowledge of the Kingdom. The women of Saudi Arabia are famous for their extravagant tastes and we have a big list of the shopping malls that sell the latest in haute couture as well as the things that you are used to from back home.

  • Saudi Arabia as Seen from Space

    A photo overlooking Saudi Arabia from space has gone viral over social media since yesterday. Check it out here.

  • Sandstorm Blankets Parts of Saudi Arabia

    The Kingdom saw horrific weather this week, with sand blowing everywhere. Here are some snaps people shared online.

  • 8 Thoughts You Have During a Sandstorm in Saudi Arabia

    Some parts of Saudi Arabia have been hit with yet another sandstorm and it's becoming a nuisance. Here are 8 things we're sure you're thinking...

  • An Enormous Entertainment City is Coming to Saudi Arabia

    KSA recently announced plans for an entertainment city almost the size of Las Vegas and it's going to boost the capital into the world's top 100 cities. Find out more about it here.

  • Camels Strut Their Stuff in Saudi's Camel "Beauty Pageant"

    Every year, over 30,000 camels are brought together to take part in King Abdulaziz’s Mazayen Al-ibl Heritage Festival and Camel Beauty Contest.

  • Saudi Arabia Celebrates Women’s Day for the First Time

    For the first time ever, a Women’s Day event has just taken place in the ultra-conservative Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Most Picturesque Places in Saudi Arabia

    The Kingdom has some of the most breathtaking places that you are bound to enjoy, especially if you're a nature lover. We have picked a few of our favourites for you. We promise these will be picture worthy, so make sure you bring along your cameras!

  • Cobone- Best Deals, Great Savings

    Cobone is the GCC’s top daily deals site. Formed in 2010, Cobone has been offering residents and tourists to the UAE and KSA the best priced deals with up to 70% off, across a wide variety of experiences for the last 5 years.

  • See the Sights of the Kingdom

    Saudi Arabia offers both natural and historical wonders, from the mountain resorts of Taif and the majesty of ancient Nabatean tombs to the multicolored coral reefs of the Red Sea. While Saudi Arabia has been a travel destination for centuries, with millions of people visiting the Kingdom each year from around the world, most visitors have historically been Muslims undertaking pilgrimages.

  • Wander around these beautiful Art Galleries

    Art galleries are extremely popular in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are lots to choose from in each town, here we have listed our favourite galleries. We have provided all the contact details you will need including email addresses, telephone numbers and where possible website addresses.

  • Grab your towel and sunnies!

    There are lots of beautiful different beaches in Saudi Arabia both public and private. While public beaches are not for tanning most private beaches are usually westernised and can be used for tanning in swimwear. We pick out our favourite beaches for you to visit.

  • Head to Saudi Zoo

    There are two main zoo's in Saudi Arabia to choose from, Riyadh Zoo, located in Malaz Riyadh, is beautifully landscaped and spacious for the many animals that it houses and the up and coming Jeddah Zoo, which is currently being built and plans to open its doors to the public in 2014.

  • Find out about Sports in KSA

    Football is the main sport played in KSA but basketball and rugby union come in a close second and third. Women's sport in Saudi Arabia has been a controversial topic for many years due to the suppression of female participation in sport by conservative Islamic religious authorities but in 2012 a break through happened when a woman represented the country in the Olympics.

  • Get your thrills at KSA's Parks

    Here we give you deatils on the two main parks in Saudi Arabia, a theme park and a beautiful national park. Al-Shallal Theme Park in Jeddah boasts of having the largest double looped roller coaster in the Asian continent. Asir National Park is the crown jewel of Saudi Arabia’s national parks, Visitors can hike, camp, climb hills and partake in other outdoor activities in this cool, green paradise.

  • Learn about KSA's History

    Saudi Arabia has a rich history and culture which is explored in the Kingdom's fascinating museums. Here we take a look at the top six museum in the kingdom, we also give you their locations and contact details for easier access to the cultural side of KSA, you can find a captivating display of the Kingdom's culture in past and present forms. There are different types of antiques, manuscripts, documents and display boards that showcase an erstwhile era.

  • Hole in One: KSA's Golf Clubs

    It has been said that more business is conducted at the golf course then in an office. If this is true then Saudi Arabia must be a business hub owing to the large number of fabulous golf courses available to members. Here we have a list of the best Golf courses in the Kingdom and a little bit about them, including their contact details and locations.

  • Shopping Malls

    As conservative as the Saudi Arabian people seem in their culture they are quite extravagant in their shopping and one can buy anything from Carrefour cheese to Haute Couture and everything in between at Saudi shopping malls. The malls are pristine, airconditioned and have a variety of shops that can keep even the choosiest shopper delighted.

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