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10 Tricks That Food Bloggers Don’t Tell You

Your cooking has little to do with it

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10 April 2017

10 Tricks  to take food pictures

Instagram food ignites three emotions, in three respective stages: 1. Hunger 2. Drool-worthy hunger and 3. Nothing-exist-till-we-eat-hunger.

Their tomatoes look like roses and ours like dust covered balls; their lasagna is perfectly layered while ours — a vertical mess. But hey, before you start the analogy game in your head, know that your culinary talent has little to do with it.

In case you want to know how to make any food Instagram-worthy, read on to find out 9 secrets that food bloggers NEVER tell.

In their defense, eating is just the fun part – there's a lot of behind the scenes work that needs time, patience and passion.

1. They don't own all the pretty tables.

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2. They focus on 1 dish at a time.

3. They play with colours - just like clothes.

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4. Sometimes, the messier the better.

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5. They play with fancy props.

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6. They compose the photo before clicking.

7. Proper lighting makes all the difference.

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8. The food they cook/eat doesn't ALWAYS taste great.

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9. #Foodinprogress pics are usually the toughest!

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10. Natural light is the best filter they could ask for.

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