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6 Crazy Creative Ways To Serve Watermelon

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1 July 2017

5 Crazy Creative Way To Serve Watermelon

If there were a fashion magazine for summer fruits (cause, why not?) Watermelon would hands down — be on the cover page.

They have a great presence (yes, size matters), beautiful colour scheme and they’re totally Instagrammable. Not to forget, these mega-sized melons are rich in vitamins A and C and antioxidants making them super-healthy treats for summers.

The easiest way to eat a watermelon might be to dive right into a big slice with your hands but that’s not the onlyway. Scroll down to see 10 ways to make these big water lugs the star attraction of the party.

10 Fast Food Hacks That Will Change The Way You Order

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12 April 2017

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Fast food hacks

Call it convenience, ease or an irresistible love for a good ole’ greasy burger — fast-food has a special place in our heart (that’s directly linked to our waistline).

More often than not, the melting cheese takes over nutritional values, the deep-fried fillet clouds healthy eating judgement and a large cup of soda dissolves all the cheat-guilt. And TBH — it’s pretty darn amazing!

But do you know your pretty awesome fast food can be even better with a few tired and tested hacks?

10 Tricks That Food Bloggers Don’t Tell You

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10 April 2017

10 Tricks  to take food pictures

Instagram food ignites three emotions, in three respective stages: 1. Hunger 2. Drool-worthy hunger and 3. Nothing-exist-till-we-eat-hunger.

Their tomatoes look like roses and ours like dust covered balls; their lasagna is perfectly layered while ours — a vertical mess. But hey, before you start the analogy game in your head, know that your culinary talent has little to do with it.

In case you want to know how to make any food Instagram-worthy, read on to find out 9 secrets that food bloggers NEVER tell.