This LEGIT Cake Cutting Hack Will Save You A Lot of Trouble |

This LEGIT Cake Cutting Hack Will Save You A Lot of Trouble

Say bye to uneven slices.

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1 July 2017

Cake cutting trick

If you’ve ever been the unlucky one to cut the cake at a party, you know the pressure is real.

People hover all over you, hungry eyes stare expectantly and before you know it — you’ve sliced the fondant — in the messiest way possible. But guess what? Cutting up a cake doesn’t have to be an ordeal.

One food blogger has a simple new technique that will give you perfectly even and thin slices, every time. Australian self-taught baker and blogger, Katherine Sabbath, uploaded a video of her friend cutting the cake. Her no fuss approach went SO viral that it garnered 1.3 million views within a few hours.

Using just a knife and a cutting board, she is able to deftly slice a cake into basically 10 even servings at once.

Sabbath, who is known for her neon cakes and delicate structures explained the method in the caption saying, "A fine example of how to cut my whopper of a cake into responsible servings! The best thing about this is, you can always go back for seconds or thirds."

Here's how she did it.

Her technique (demonstrated by a friend) left her followers in awe with many saying that this is the best away to cut the cake. Follow her steps and you too can be a cake cutting PRO at the next party

Here's how it works:

  • Hold a cutting board upright at 90˚angle, against the side of the cake.
  • Using a chef's knife, cut lengthwise, parallel to the edge of the cake so that you get one long rectangular piece.
  • Guiding the slice with your knife, let it fall onto the cutting board, lowering the board as you finish slicing.
  • Cut the long rectangular slice into even portions.