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Meghan Markle is Releasing A Charity Cookbook

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18 September 2018

Meghan Markle Cookbook

‘Together: Our Community Kitchen’ showcases over 50 recipes from women whose community was affected by the Grenfell Tower fire –the Duchess of Sussex is supporting the new charity cookbook.

The Duchess of Sussex used to share her love of food through her lifestyle blog ‘The Tig’ and on Instagram, but since becoming a royal, Meghan has deleted her social media accounts and, therefore, all traces of her foodie lifestyle.

11 Romantic Breakfast Ideas For the Month of February

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23 January 2018

Romantic Breakfast Ideas For Valentine’s Day

We all know that the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, as a special breakfast on Valentine’s Day will instantly make you feel the love and also impress your partner! Breakfast in bed is the perfect start to any day, but it should definitely be a Valentine’s Day tradition as what could be more perfect than heart-shaped pancakes and a card from your loved one.

Here's What 6 Celebrities Ate Before They Passed Away

Posted on

11 September 2017

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6 Famous Last Meals

Let's admit it. We live in a celebrity obsessed world.

We want to know what's inside their bags, what they eat, what they drink, what they wear and just about any other detail that we can get our hands on. One thing that makes celebrities seem much more human and relatable is that just like all of us, one day, they will be gone too.

Here's what 6 megastars ate as their last meal before they passed away.

10 Genius Ways To Make Lunchbox Sandwiches Fun For Your Kids

Posted on

27 August 2017

Lunchbox Sandwiches Fun Ideas

Between hectic mornings, burnt toasts and bus horns, sandwiches are pretty much your only option to fix a quick lunchbox for your kids. But smearing the same old peanut butter jam between two toasts won’t get you the cool-mom title.

Below are some cool ideas to add some a fun-twist to your regular sandwiches. All you need are basic sandwich ingredients, cookie-cutters, colouring pens and 10 minutes in the morning to make these delightful surprises.

These pretty-looking sandwiches will definitely put a smile on your baby’s face — every single time

There’s Now An Actual Cookbook with Cheetos-Loaded Recipes

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21 August 2017

Cheetos cookbook and recipes

Rihanna LOVES Hot Cheetos, Kim K ate them all the time (when she was expecting son, Saint West), Selena Gomez always keeps them in her vanity van and Katy Perry even dresses up like one – but none of these high-profile girls is the reason why the world is obsessed with Cheetos.

It’s the orange-tainting, finger-licking, melt-in-your-mouth goodness that makes Cheetos more than just a snack.

As if our obsession wasn’t evident enough, the much-loved chips got a very gourmet upgrade with a pop-up restaurant in NYC named, The Spotted Cheetah.

This Polish Model Creates The Creepiest Food Structures You’ll Ever See

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21 August 2017

Polish Model Creates The Creepiest Food Structure You’ll Ever See

In general, models have little to do with food unless it’s some crazy diet but Anna Tokarska is changing the whole perception – in the creepiest way possible.

Anna, a Polish model by profession but an artist at heart, has created a series of surreal looking food structures, all made with nothing but everyday fruits and vegetables.

7 Meatlicious Lamb Recipes To Make This Eid

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17 August 2017

7 Satisfying Lamb Recipes To Make This Eid

Nobody eats lamb better than Arabs. If you need proof, just visit an Arab family this Eid Al Adha and you’ll find every meaty and juicy part of lamb chopped, cooked and garnished in hundred different mouth-watering ways.

From Lamb shanks dipped in sweet and tangy pomegranate sauce to slow-cooked juicy gravy with rice – you’ll be amazed at how they can turn this exotic meat into dishes SO filling and heavy, you’ll stay full for couple of next days.