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6 Ways To Make The Most Of The Jersey Royals Season

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29 April 2019

Jersey Royals Season

While you might be happy with your standard baked potato, true potato aficionados will know that the season for some of the greatest to be unearthed, is now: It’s time for Jersey Royals.

These creamy, flavourful potatoes have been carefully grown in the Channel Islands for more than 140 years, and the first of this year’s golden batch are now available.

Here are six ways to enjoy them (although we’d totally just recommend a good knob of butter and some salt and pepper)…

What to Do With Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkin

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30 October 2018

What to Do With Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkin

It’s spooky season which can only mean one thing… pumpkins! So, get your tools out and prepare to not only carve but also cook this fresh and flavoursome squash.

Tens of thousands of pumpkins are sold at Halloween each year but this cause a frightening amount of waste, as the carved veggies are left to rot on front steps.

It’s a shame considering pumpkins are packed full of vital vitamins and veggie goodness, so here’s how to put your Jack-o’-lantern to good, edible use…

This Is the Secret to Making the Perfect Pasta Dish

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25 October 2018

Secret to Making the Perfect Pasta Dish

Even the most inexperienced of cooks will know how to whip up a bowl of pasta.

However, with the rise of the healthy eating movement, many people are shunning pasta because of its mixture of carbs and gluten. Pasta sales are in decline, and our reticence to boil up some spaghetti is something we’re looking to rectify.

As it’s World Pasta Day, our experts have got us some top tips on how to make the perfect pasta dish. Spoiler alert, it may seem simple but you’re probably cooking pasta all wrong!

5 Reasons Why Baking is Good For Your Mental Health

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22 October 2018

Reasons Why Baking is Good For Your mental health

Life in Dubai can be lonely; life as an expat can be even lonelier. Leaving behind friends and family to start a new life in a completely different country can be isolating. But, we know the best way to beat those feelings of isolation –and it involves food!

Therapy can come in many forms, and one of them is, for sure, sponge-based. From discovering a new hobby to exploring the joy of trying, here’s why baking is good for mental health…

Meghan Markle is Releasing A Charity Cookbook

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18 September 2018

Meghan Markle Cookbook

‘Together: Our Community Kitchen’ showcases over 50 recipes from women whose community was affected by the Grenfell Tower fire –the Duchess of Sussex is supporting the new charity cookbook.

The Duchess of Sussex used to share her love of food through her lifestyle blog ‘The Tig’ and on Instagram, but since becoming a royal, Meghan has deleted her social media accounts and, therefore, all traces of her foodie lifestyle.

11 Romantic Breakfast Ideas For the Month of February

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23 January 2018

Romantic Breakfast Ideas For Valentine’s Day

We all know that the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, as a special breakfast on Valentine’s Day will instantly make you feel the love and also impress your partner! Breakfast in bed is the perfect start to any day, but it should definitely be a Valentine’s Day tradition as what could be more perfect than heart-shaped pancakes and a card from your loved one.

Here's What 6 Celebrities Ate Before They Passed Away

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11 September 2017

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6 Famous Last Meals

Let's admit it. We live in a celebrity obsessed world.

We want to know what's inside their bags, what they eat, what they drink, what they wear and just about any other detail that we can get our hands on. One thing that makes celebrities seem much more human and relatable is that just like all of us, one day, they will be gone too.

Here's what 6 megastars ate as their last meal before they passed away.