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6 Ways To Make The Most Of The Jersey Royals Season

These are some seriously special potatoes.

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29 April 2019

Jersey Royals Season

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While you might be happy with your standard baked potato, true potato aficionados will know that the season for some of the greatest to be unearthed, is now: It’s time for Jersey Royals.

These creamy, flavourful potatoes have been carefully grown in the Channel Islands for more than 140 years, and the first of this year’s golden batch are now available.

Here are six ways to enjoy them (although we’d totally just recommend a good knob of butter and some salt and pepper)…

Roasted potatoes, spicy Spanish chorizo and a handful of fresh coriander – it’s super simple and packed full of flavour.

Jersey Royals can be eaten hot or cold, and they work particularly well in salads. Griddle a few with halloumi, top with basil pesto and fresh spring pea shoots and you’re basically set for spring and summer.

Might sound a bit weird, but it totally works. The butteriness of the potatoes brings lightness and sweetness, and you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

Plant-based and insta-friendly, these lettuce tacos stuffed with Jersey Royals, your favourite veggies, some black beans, avocado and edible flowers make for a fun and colourful supper. Don’t forget the chipotle!

As the creator of this yummy creation, food writer Rosie Birkett says this recipe is a celebration of spring. The creamy, earthy taste of the Jersey Royals works deliciously with buttered wild garlic and crumbly feta.

Nicely spiced but not too hot, these Indian style potatoes can be served on their own with plain yoghurt, or paired with roasted chicken thighs.