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10 Genius Ways To Make Lunchbox Sandwiches Fun For Your Kids

What's for lunch? Funky cuteness.

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27 September 2020

Lunchbox Sandwiches Fun Ideas

Between hectic mornings, burnt toasts and bus horns, sandwiches are pretty much your only option to fix a quick lunchbox for your kids. But smearing the same old peanut butter jam between two toasts won’t get you the cool-mom title.

Below are some cool ideas to add some a fun-twist to your regular sandwiches. All you need are basic sandwich ingredients, cookie-cutters, colouring pens and 10 minutes in the morning to make these delightful surprises.

These pretty-looking sandwiches will definitely put a smile on your baby’s face — every single time

1. Monster Sandwiches

They may not be the prettiest on the list but they're definitely the goofiest. Ham for the meat, cheese for the taste and olives for the eyes, we'd love to take a bite out of this monster.

2. Batman Bento Box

Before you make this cool Batman sandwich, here's a fair warning: If your kid is a fan of Batman, chances are he/she is going to ask you for this same meal every day, for the rest of the term year.

3. Peanut Butter Jelly Snake Sandwiches

Who says sandwiches can't be served on a stick? This otherwise regular PB&J sandwich gets all points for creativity.

4. Mouse n Cheese Sandwich

Boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, a slice of cheese and 5 minutes are all you need to whip up this funny sandwich.

5. Flowers on bread

Put your cookie cutters to good use. Make some cheese and bread flowers and you'll be surprised to see how pretty they look with a side of orange slices.

6. Angry Sandwich

An angry pastrami sandwich for the Angry BIrds fan in your house!

7. Brown Whale Bento Box

These adorable whales need to be saved and bragged about forever, in an Instagram snap.

8. Valentine Lunch Box

Show some sweet TLC to your angel with these pretty-looking heart-shaped sandwiches and cookies. It's nothing fancy, just your old ingredients cut with a cookie cutter and served with loads of love.

9. Snowman Bento Box

Christmas can come anytime you want with these super-cute snowman sandwiches.

10. Chickie Sandwich

With so many green-leafy veggies, this bento box is as healthy as a lunchbox can get.