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10 Genius Ways To Make Lunchbox Sandwiches Fun For Your Kids

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27 September 2020

Lunchbox Sandwiches Fun Ideas

Between hectic mornings, burnt toasts and bus horns, sandwiches are pretty much your only option to fix a quick lunchbox for your kids. But smearing the same old peanut butter jam between two toasts won’t get you the cool-mom title.

Below are some cool ideas to add some a fun-twist to your regular sandwiches. All you need are basic sandwich ingredients, cookie-cutters, colouring pens and 10 minutes in the morning to make these delightful surprises.

These pretty-looking sandwiches will definitely put a smile on your baby’s face — every single time

Pack a Healthy Back to School Lunchbox With These 5 Tips

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27 August 2019

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Pack a Healthy Back to School Lunchbox With These 5 Tips

If you're planning on turning up your lunch menu game, this is your handy guide for healthy, easy, and fun school lunches

Your kids are probably ready for a break from the typical PB&J and handmade wraps, but who really has the time or energy to replicate Pinterest photos of cat-shaped sandwiches and sausages shaped into little octopodes.