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10 Genius Ways To Make Lunchbox Sandwiches Fun For Your Kids

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27 September 2020

Lunchbox Sandwiches Fun Ideas

Between hectic mornings, burnt toasts and bus horns, sandwiches are pretty much your only option to fix a quick lunchbox for your kids. But smearing the same old peanut butter jam between two toasts won’t get you the cool-mom title.

Below are some cool ideas to add some a fun-twist to your regular sandwiches. All you need are basic sandwich ingredients, cookie-cutters, colouring pens and 10 minutes in the morning to make these delightful surprises.

These pretty-looking sandwiches will definitely put a smile on your baby’s face — every single time

This Polish Model Creates The Creepiest Food Structures You’ll Ever See

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21 August 2017

Polish Model Creates The Creepiest Food Structure You’ll Ever See

In general, models have little to do with food unless it’s some crazy diet but Anna Tokarska is changing the whole perception – in the creepiest way possible.

Anna, a Polish model by profession but an artist at heart, has created a series of surreal looking food structures, all made with nothing but everyday fruits and vegetables.

This Pastry Chef Creates The World's Most Stunning Chocolate Sculptures

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24 June 2017

This Pastry Chef Creates The Most Mesmerising Chocolate Sculptures

We can't buy happiness but we can buy chocolate. For us, that's pretty much the same thing.

This means that anyone who plays with our cocoa-love has our full attention. And nobody plays with chocolate better than Amaury Guichon aka the chocolate architect, the pastry chef who creates chocolate sculptures SO beautiful they belong in a museum.

These Stunning Brushstroke Cakes Are LEGIT Works Of Art

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5 June 2017

Brushstroke Cakes

If you (like us) spent a good part of your day being hypnotised by gorgeous cake art videos then don’t be hard on yourself — we’re all guilty here.

And TBH we’re not entirely at fault here. One look at those oddly satisfying photos and we’re hooked for hours.

In case you’re done obsessing over marble and geode cakes then welcome the newest masterpiece in town — brushstroke cakes.