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11 Kitchen Appliances You Never Knew You Needed

But will probably only use once...

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26 June 2019

Jazz-Inaya Hamilton at ExpatWoman
by Jazz-Inaya Hamilton
Kitchen appliances you'll probably use once and never again

Everyone has those impulse purchases that don’t always get the love and attention they deserve.

Sometimes that item you just HAD to have, the thing that will ~definitely~ change your life, you end up using once

1. Ice Shaver

Who doesn’t love a slushie (or sangria) every now and again? Just think, sitting in the pool, on a warm summer day sipping on your favorite drink. Not a worry in the world. But let’s be honest, will this actually happen?

Ariete Ice Shaver

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 274

2. Egg Cooker

Unless you have absolutely no cooking skills and need to boil 5 eggs every morning, this is defiantly a product you can live without. However, buying this means a guarantee your eggs turn out right every time, and it's such an easy process, who can resist.

Nutricook Rapid Egg Cooker

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 69

3. Ice Cream Maker

At the time this sounds like a great idea. Having ice cream of any flavor you want, whenever you want, you can even make it as healthy, or unhealthy as you like. But, when it comes to buying all the ingredients, the hours of labor put into making the ice cream, is it worth it? Yeah, it is.

Profi Cook Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt Sorbet Maker

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4. Deep Fryer

Sometimes you just can’t resist deep fried food, especially after a night out. When you have a fryer to call your own you can have fries, nuggets and many more at you becking call, fried to perfection. But after a few uses, it might make its way to the back of your cupboard, and your health will probably be thankful for that.

Moulinex Deep Fryer

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5. Pasta Maker

Pasta is one of those super quick easy foods to make when it comes from the shops. When you buy one of these, the process just becomes tediously longer. Before you decide that this is must have in your kitchen - after your done being healthy for the month, will you use this more than once?

Pasta Maker Stainless

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 184

6. Banana Cutter

I don’t know how often you actually slice bananas but, if you have this product sitting in your draws, it will make your life easier when the time comes.

Kitchenware Banana Slicer

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 69

7. Pickle Picker

Want to get your pickles out of the jar, don’t want to use your hands, get this pickle picker!

Pickle Picker

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8. Avocado Slicer

For all the avo fanatics out there, this all in one tool will help you get the avocado in your stomach in record time.

Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer Avocado knife

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 26

9. Taco Proper

Whether or not you think you think this deserves a space in your kitchen, you must admit, it’s a pretty good idea. No more toppings spilling out your tacos.

Taco Proper Taco Holders

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 28.17

10. Asparagus Peeler

An asparagus peeler has never been on the top of the shopping list, but maybe this bad boy has been over looked?

Asparagus Peeler, Stainless Steel

Buy it now on Amazon.ae, AED 24

11. Butter Spreader

This butter spreader may just change your life, gliding butter over your food with ease, how could you say no?

Butter Spreader

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