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6 Foods That Help You Cure Jet Lag

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31 July 2017

6 Food That Help You Avoid Jet Lag

Travelling is the best form of therapy but jet lag — quite the opposite. You might have a great holiday itinerary in place but unless you have a plan to deal with jet lag, you're probably going to miss out on all the fun. Instead of sightseeing and exploring the pristine beaches, you could very well end up crawling under your bed.

And that’s just the beginning of a vacation gone wrong.

A serious case of jet lag can result in insomnia, diarrhoea, dehydration and nausea. But enough bad news, the good thing is you can cure jet lag in two ways:

10 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Summer A Breeze

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29 July 2017

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10 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Summer A Breeze

If you’re experiencing the sweltering Dubai heat these days, the last thing you want to be doing is standing in the kitchen, cutting veggies and chopping fruits while sweating your hair off. And that’s when the pool party is about to begin.

Most summer party dishes like salads, pasta, and BBQ grills require a lengthy prep process that leaves you unnecessarily tired to enjoy the final meal. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Even the best chefs rely on their tried-and-tested shortcuts to minimise cooking preparations and keep their dishes flavourful for longer.

19 Food Hacks That You Should Have Seen Sooner

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29 April 2017

Life saving food hacks

You may be a decent chef who knows his/her way around different knives. You might even have one or two cookbooks that you occasionally rely on to impress your guests plus, several of your favourite recipe websites are bookmarked and apps downloaded.

But does that mean you don’t need to learn a few hacks? Of course not. There is nothing such as too much knowledge and that rule applies to kitchen fixes too.

10 Common Foods You're Eating All Wrong

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16 April 2017

10 Common Foods You're Eatitng All Wrong

How many times have you cursed a poor cupcake just because it's delicious topping couldn't last all the way until the end? The fault here doesn't lie with the baker or with the innocent cupcake — it lies entirely on your shoulders.

And unfortunately, cupcakes aren’t the only items that suffer the injustice of our lack of culinary proprieties. The club also includes tacos, strawberries, leftover pizza and many other yummy treats.

10 Fast Food Hacks That Will Change The Way You Order

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12 April 2017

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Fast food hacks

Call it convenience, ease or an irresistible love for a good ole’ greasy burger — fast-food has a special place in our heart (that’s directly linked to our waistline).

More often than not, the melting cheese takes over nutritional values, the deep-fried fillet clouds healthy eating judgement and a large cup of soda dissolves all the cheat-guilt. And TBH — it’s pretty darn amazing!

But do you know your pretty awesome fast food can be even better with a few tired and tested hacks?