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Eat These 6 Foods To Cure (And Avoid) Jet Lag

Travelling is the best form of therapy but jet lag — quite the opposite.

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31 July 2017

6 Food That Help You Avoid Jet Lag

Travelling is the best form of therapy but jet lag — quite the opposite. You might have a great holiday itinerary in place but unless you have a plan to deal with jet lag, you're probably going to miss out on all the fun. Instead of sightseeing and exploring the pristine beaches, you could very well end up crawling under your bed.

And that’s just the beginning of a vacation gone wrong.

A serious case of jet lag can result in insomnia, diarrhoea, dehydration and nausea. But enough bad news, the good thing is you can cure jet lag in two ways:

1. Before sitting on a plane
2. After landing at your destination

From fruits as fresh as Kiwi to help you sleep to eggs which assist in resetting your body clock, here are some foods that can help you get rid of jet lag.

1. Eggs

Ever wondered why eggs are a natural choice of breakfast?

Eggs have been known to play a key role in regulating our internal clock and circadian rhythm. Vitamin B12 in eggs can help maximise our reaction to external light and turn off melatonin indicating in our brain to wake up.


2. Green Leafy Vegetables

Taking additional magnesium is important as the mineral level in cells changes with the 24-hour sleep pattern and that affects the cells internal clocks.

Any guesses which food group is rich in magnesium? Spinach, kale, chard - all the leafy greens.

 Green Leafy Vegetables

3. Kiwis

Kiwi is rich in serotonin which converts into the sleep hormone melatonin which in turn assists a good sleep pattern that is of utmost importance in carrying out many essential biological functions in relation to the circadian rhythm.


4. Tart Cherry Juice

Research shows that a glass of cherry juice twice daily helps surge sleep by 90 minutes a night. What are you waiting for? Order it right away.

Tart Cherry Juice

5. Whole Grains

High level of insulin has a sleep inducing effect and vice versa. Whole grains contain carbohydrate element which is helpful for people who have disturbed sleep patterns. Have a bowl full of cereal when you arrive and you’ll sleep like a baby only to wake up fresh

Whole Grains

6. Chamomile Tea

A hot aromatic cup of crushed chamomile with a hint of lemon can reduce the occurrence of insomnia and promote a healthy sleep cycle.

Chamomile Tea