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6 Easy Ways To Feel Less Thirsty While Fasting

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15 January 2024

How to feel less thirsty while Ramadan fasting

Ramadan is a blessed and festive time but it comes with challenges — spiritual, religious and physical.

The selfless act to avoid any food/drink from morning till dusk is taxing for the body, that’s used to our regular eating patterns. And while hunger is somewhat bearable, it’s particularly demanding to deal with thirst, especially when the temperature goes above 30°C outside.

Festive Season Left You With Indigestion? Here’s How to Handle It

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12 December 2023

How to deal with festive season indigestion

6 tips to handle indigestion during or after the holidays.

With all that wine, chocolate and cheese, it’s no surprise our systems might be feeling a little worse for wear during/after the festive season.

This might mean painful trapped wind, burning acid reflux and a less-than-happy gut for some of us.

Indigestion symptoms can include fullness, bloating, nausea, belching, or pain in the upper abdomen,” explains Phil Day, superintendent pharmacist at Pharmacy2U.

4 Benefits of Drinking More Than One Cup of Coffee Every Day

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4 August 2022

4 Benefits of Drinking More Than One Cup of Coffee Every Day

The jury has been going back and forth for years on whether or not coffee is actually good for you...

But a new study may have just provided the excuse you’re looking for to treat yourself to a venti flat white today (thanks, science).

Research by the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh, published in the British Medical Journal, found that drinking three or four cups of java every day could lower your chance of death by 17%.

Why Baking Bread Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

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21 July 2022

Baking bread and mental health

The idea that most people will be affected by mental health issues at least once in their life has never seemed more prevalent.

While it’s a conversation that still feels relatively new, awareness of mental ill-health is growing, and in turn, the condition is becoming less stigmatised. It’s a topic heavily debated on social media, which is awash with tips and advice, celebrity confessions and discussions on the subject.

How to Make 5 Easily Homegrown Herbs Last Beyond Summer

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5 May 2022

How to Make 5 Easily Homegrown Herbs Last Beyond Summer

Want to save your freshly grown herbs? They may have run to seed or look the worse for wear, but it’s easy if you know how.

Some herbs will soon be coming to the end of their natural harvesting period, so here are some top tips on how to pick them to enjoy for months to come.

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7 Ways That Going Vegetarian Could Boost Your Health

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12 February 2022

7 Ways That Going Vegetarian Could Boost Your Health

Increasing numbers of people in the world are going vegetarian.

But while many choose to cut out meat for moral and environmental reasons, some are turning towards a veg-based diet to bolster their health.

It’s not actually necessary to eat meat to get all the nutrients needed for good health, and because vegetarians tend to eat more plant-based foods, they often enjoy a diet lower in calories, saturated fat and cholesterol.

5 Ultra-Processed Foods That Could Raise Cancer Risk

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15 October 2021

5 Ultra-processed Foods That Could Raise Cancer Risk

A new study has shown that eating foods that have been ‘ultra processed’ could increase your risk of cancer.

According to researchers from the Sorbonne in Paris and the University of Sao Paulo, in some developed countries processed foods make up around 50% of an average person’s diet, and this could be contributing to rising cancer levels. In fact, a 10% increase in eating ultra-processed food was associated with a 12% increased risk of overall cancer.

So what are the worst offenders when it comes to processed foods? And how can you replace them in your diet?