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5 Healthy Food Ideas For February 14th

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23 January 2018

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5 Healthy Food Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here in Dubai, which doesn’t necessarily mean heart-shaped cakes and late night dinners. Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day, just like any other occasion, can be celebrated in a healthy and delicious way.

In a matter of fact, Valentine’s Day must be the easiest occasion to prepare fun and healthy foods and snack. An apple can make a Valentine’s snack, if it was cut into a heart shape!

5 Easy Tips To A Healthier Lifestyle In 2018

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2 January 2018

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5 Easy Tips To A Healthier 2018

Each year, millions around the world make one common new year's resolution, and that is to lose/gain weight, eating healthy, stick to good diets, and live a healthier lifestyle. However, some resolutions are easier said than done (we’ve all been there, done that!).

Indulging more in healthy food, and healthy eating habits can be a mission, especially when you live in a place like Dubai, where burger shops and food trucks are almost on every corner.

6 Refreshing Summer Drinks For A Cool-Me-Down Treat This Eid

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28 August 2017

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Summer drinks ideas for Eid

With the high temperature, crazy humidity and Eid Al Adha here, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a break from the scorching sun anytime soon.

The fact that the long weekend will be all about greasy dishes, heavy curries and sugary desserts only gives us more reasons to blast the AC and settle in for a few evenings of Netflix... Of course, with a bottomless supply of refreshing drinks.

If you agree with us, scroll down to see some delicious summer drinks ideas to help you gulp down those kebab skewers without getting bloated.

5 Guilt-Free Dips To Replace Mayonnaise And Ketchup

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21 August 2017

10 Guilt-Free Dips To Replace Mayonnaise & Ketchup This Eid

It’s not really a BBQ party until the dips show up. A dollop of cream cheese, a drizzle of ketchup and a spoonful of mayo can make even the blandest food a huge crowd-pleaser.

But every good thing comes with a catch, all these condiments are loaded with calories that no one is counting.

If you're wondering how much fat can a blob of mayonnaise add anyway, the answer is plenty. One tablespoon provides roughly 94 calories; 10 grams of fat; and no protein, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron or calcium.

11 Food Items That Have Been Banned In Dubai School Canteens

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20 August 2017

 Food Items Banned In Dubai School Canteens

As a parent, you're probably doing everything in your power to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for your kids at home. But despite all your efforts, the unsupervised and often unhygienic junk food consumed at school canteens still plays a major role in your child's eating patterns.

Taking strict actions against this issue, The Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality and the Dubai Health Authority have published a guidance manual to improve the nutritional standard of food served or sold in schools.