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5 Healthy Food Ideas For February 14th

Yes, you can have a healthy Valentine's...

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23 January 2018

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5 Healthy Food Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here in Dubai, which doesn’t necessarily mean heart-shaped cakes and late night dinners. Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day, just like any other occasion, can be celebrated in a healthy and delicious way.

In a matter of fact, Valentine’s Day must be the easiest occasion to prepare fun and healthy foods and snack. An apple can make a Valentine’s snack, if it was cut into a heart shape!

But if you’re planning to take your loved one out for a special dinner date on Valentine’s, check out our list of 5 romantic restaurants in Dubai for the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Whilst if you’re planning on preparing a special meal for the hubby at home, and don’t want to regret it the next morning, here are some healthy Valentine’s Day food ideas:

1. Leek and Wild Mushroom Flatbread with Truffle Oil

This quick and easy recipe won’t have you spending your V-night in the kitchen, yet the Truffe oil and mushroom mixture still makes the occasion feel romantic and luxurious. We mean, how many times does one usually use truffle oil? And whilst the leek puree gives the dish a special flavour, it won’t leave you bloated or feeling heavy like other pastes (creamy sauce) after having it. Top your dish with some Pecorino cheese shavings, sea salt, arugula, and enjoy your meal.

2. Mini Shrimp Guacamole Sandwich

If you feel like including some meat in your V-night meal, try this recipe. As a shrimp a guacamole combination never goes wrong. This simple light meal still offers a delicate taste. Spread a basic guac sauce on a burger bun, marinate the shrimps in sake and then grill them (try grilling instead of boiling. You’ll thank us later!) Have the shrimps coated in cornstarch before grilled, to have that tender, yet juicy texture. All you’ll need more is salt, pepper, and lemon juice to top it off. Et voila!

3. Thai Coconut Soup with Fish Ball

The perfect way to start the night. This coconut soup offers a sweet and sour flavour, whilst the curry paste and fish sauce give the soup a savoury umami. Which altogether goes great with the mushrooms and fish balls. This soup makes the perfect chilling-days’ dish, and of course, what a better dish to warm your Valentine’s night.

4. Strawberry Short Cake Protein Pancakes

These gluten free pancakes are also guilt free. They’re high in protein, fiber, oat, bran, and buckwheat. But most importantly on Valentine’s Day, they’re rich in flavour. Top these with sunflower seed butter, to make the perfect healthy Valentine’s dessert, as this topping is free of added sugar or salt. You can even cut the strawberries in heart shapes to add more romance (and cheesiness) to the plate.

5. Apple Sage Chicken Meatloaf + Mashed Cauliflower

Keep lean and use chicken breasts with this. Have sautéed apples and vegetables on the side to keep the meal moist. However the mashed cauliflower is really the star of this dish. We would recommend adding Dijon mustard for a full flavour. And you’re good to go. Happy Valentine’s!