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What is Moringa? The New Superfood Could Help Beat Stress and Fatigue

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19 May 2019

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The New Superfood Could Help Beat Stress and Fatigue

If you’re the type of person that spoons chia seeds onto your porridge and whizzes kale into your smoothies like there’s no tomorrow, then you might want to listen up, because there’s a new superfood that wellness types are getting hyped about.

Called moringa, it’s a small leafy tree that’s native to India, and is gaining popularity with health buffs thanks to its rich nutritional profile and powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

How to Make Your Lunch More Eco-Friendly

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15 May 2019

How to Make Your Lunch More Eco-Friendly

How many times a week do you nip out at lunch to pick up a supermarket sandwich, a packet of crisps, and a bottle of water to wash it all down with?

While you might think nothing of eating a store-bought lunch at your desk and tossing the packaging in the bin after, a charity is warning that our on-the-go lunch habit is causing the UK to create 11 billion pieces of plastic waste per year.

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Here’s What One Portion of Your Five-A-Day Actually Looks Like

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24 April 2019

Your Portion of Five-A-Day

You may think that you’re a pro at ensuring you eat your 5 a day, but it turns out what counts as a portion varies widely depending on the colour of the fruit or veg you’re chomping on.

BBC Good Food magazine has released six nifty infographics – yellow, purple, red, white, orange and green – to show just how much you need to eat of different foods to reach your goal.

These 3 Things Are the Ideal Components of a Balanced Meal

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11 April 2019

Parts of a balanced meal

Balance. The kind of state we all are struggling to harmonize ourselves into.

Be it work, social life and of course our fuel, food. Our health is most certainly one of the deciding factors for achieving this balance after all, health is the relationship between you and your body.

We all know that maintaining a healthy body is a great responsibility and involves a great extent of effort along with trying not to cater to our cravings. Even after being so aware of how important a healthy body and mind is, we often find ourselves making poor choices in terms of what we eat.

11 Things You Only Know If You Like Eating Out Alone

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10 April 2019

Eating Out Alone

In New York particular, it’s fairly standard to eat solo in public.

In other places though, solitary diners are often considered a little odd and lonely – and sometimes even a nuisance at fussy restaurants with strict seating plans.

Sure, there are downsides to eating alone – servers asking, ‘Are you waiting for anyone?’, fellow diners assuming you’ve been stood up – but there are also a lot of positives to grabbing a table for one (for instance, not having to begrudgingly split a dessert).

Review: Let's Cook Meal Plans in Dubai

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7 April 2019

Review of Let's Cook Meal Plans in Dubai

For the perfect way to meal plan, prep and eat better - head to Let's Cook!

Eating healthy and making better choices when it comes to good is something I've always struggled with as an adult. But now, at the age of 26, it's time to be more conscious about what fuel I put into this body.

This resolution has been on my list since 2019 arrived and it's one I plan on sticking with this year. In fact, I'm already 8kgs down and loving my new diet and lifestyle.

Why You Should Start Incorporating Pickle Juice Into Your Drinks

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7 April 2019

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Incorporating Pickle Juice Into Your Drinks

The tartness of a pickled cucumber is tough to beat, whether you’re tucking into a plate of cheese and crackers, or stuffing the frog-green slices in with a burger.

But have you given much thought to what can be done with the vinegary liquid left over in the jar? Generally, once you’re out of crunchy, sweet-sour veg, it ends up being tipped down the drain – but next time, stop yourself, there’s a lot of potential in that pickle juice.

Why Banana Peels Are The Next Big Thing in Vegan Meat Replacement

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4 April 2019

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Banana Peels

Society’s becoming more and more conscious of food waste, and a lot of us are making a concerted effort to use up all the food we buy and limit how much gets chucked.

But, while only buying what we’ll actually eat is one thing, what about using up more of each item? For example, have you ever considered eating the banana skin, once you’ve munched through the soft fruity centre?