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Tips for Hosting Christmas for the Very First Time

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16 December 2019

11 Tips for Hosting Christmas for the Very First Time

If ever there was a time to shine, it’s Christmas – from the twinkly star on the top of the tree and the snowglobe on the side, to the celebratory bubbly waiting to kick-start the festivities and the crowd-pleasing feast.

But what if it’s all down to you to put the fizz into the merrymaking, provide the crackers and keep your uncles from fighting? Hosting can be a tough gig, especially if it’s your first time running Christmas.

Why Baking Bread Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

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21 November 2019

Baking bread and mental health

The idea that most people will be affected by mental health issues at least once in their life has never seemed more prevalent.

While it’s a conversation that still feels relatively new, awareness of mental ill-health is growing, and in turn, the condition is becoming less stigmatised. It’s a topic heavily debated on social media, which is awash with tips and advice, celebrity confessions and discussions on the subject.

Why You Need the Fresh and Tasty Goodness of Marmum Milk

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17 November 2019

From full cream to low fat, skimmed and flavoured... The goodness of Marmum Milk is reputable.

Milk is a powerhouse of energy and often referred to as a good substitute to a full meal due to its ability to boost metabolism and satiate the appetite for a long duration.

Not only does milk provide the necessary nutrients like calcium for the development of bones and proteins for muscles, but it is also considered to be an immunity-boosting food thanks to certain nutrients like zinc and Vitamin D.

How You Can SAVE Around AED 900 On Groceries

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12 November 2019

Save Upto AED 900 With Let's Cook

Quality, variety, and convenience - that's what you get when ordering from Let's Cook!

From fresh ingredients, cooking instructions and a variety of options, Let's Cook brings the fun back to cooking.

With new recipes dropping every week, you get to choose from a wide array of recipes, which are then prepared in a specially curated box by Let's Cook. This is then delivered to your doorstep, all ready to be cooked and enjoyed by you and your loved ones.

5 Ways to Serve-Up Healthy Options Using Fresh Marmum Milk

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20 October 2019

How to use Marmum Milk in smoothies

Amidst the many things we parents are anxious over when bringing our kids up, making sure they get the right nutrition is probably in the top 3.

Thankfully, for time-crunched eaters and kids-on-the-go, there is one easy way to consume exactly what we and our little ones need for our daily requirements - and that's smoothies.

Smoothies are the best way to ensure that a healthy serving of fruit and milk are consumed each day.

Things You Only Know if Autumn is Your Favourite Season for Food

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23 September 2019

Things You Only Know if Autumn is Your Favourite Season for Food

Give us golden leaves, conkers underfoot and dinner from the oven – not the barbecue. The fireworks are a-coming, it’s already getting darker in the evenings, and we’re craving stews, casseroles and roast dinner after roast dinner.

Autumn is finally here, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll appreciate that it’s the best season for cooking, eating and having people over for dinner. Here’s why…

10 Interesting Ways to Eat More Cheese

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19 September 2019

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10 Interesting Ways to Eat More Cheese

In an increasingly depressing news cycle, finally we have some good news – and it’s about cheese.

A study conducted by Penn State has found that certain antioxidants in cheese could help protect your blood vessels. The benefits are specifically found in adults who have a high-sodium diet, whose blood vessels have been damaged as a result.

Going Vegan? Here’s How To Combat Meat-Free Fatigue

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5 September 2019

Going Vegan? Here’s How To Combat Meat-Free Fatigue

Want to do more to support your health and the planet by going plant-based, but struggle with energy dips and feeling depleted?

I’ve chatted with a few friends who returned to meat recently – not because they desperately missed those juicy steaks or couldn’t live without their Thursday-night Nando’s (actually, that did apply in some cases), but because they missed feeling awake and energised.

Things You Only Know if You Always Had School Dinners

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2 September 2019

Things You Only Know If You Always Had School Dinners

Today your daily lunch break dilemma is another limp supermarket sandwich, or splashing out an overpriced box of sushi-to-go – as a kid things were far simpler.

Either you were handed a plastic box of food (and hoped that whoever made it had done a big shop on the weekend), or you were on the list for school dinners.

If you were part of the latter camp, we hope you’ll agree with some of this…