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10 Interesting Ways to Eat More Cheese

If your diet is high in sodium, you could very well benefit from a bit of Gouda.

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31 March 2021

10 Interesting Ways to Eat More Cheese

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In an increasingly depressing news cycle, finally we have some good news – and it’s about cheese.

A study conducted by Penn State has found that certain antioxidants in cheese could help protect your blood vessels. The benefits are specifically found in adults who have a high-sodium diet, whose blood vessels have been damaged as a result.

Billie Alba, who led the study, said: “While there’s a big push to reduce dietary sodium, for a lot of people it’s difficult. Possibly being able to incorporate more dairy products, like cheese, could be an alternative strategy to reduce cardiovascular risk and improve vessel health without necessarily reducing total sodium.”

For the moment, just a small-scale survey has been done, but it could very well lead to bigger studies on the benefits of cheese.

While no one is suggesting you gorge yourself on the good stuff at every meal, if you have a high-sodium diet it could be worthwhile thinking about how you can incorporate a bit more cheese into your meals.

Cheese can be so much more exciting than just eating a few slices in a sandwich or grated over pasta, so here are a few interesting ways to up your intake…

1. In risotto

We’re not just talking about sprinkling a bit of Parmesan on top – that’s a given. Instead, rather than throwing out the rind of a piece of cheese when you think it’s finished, save it to pop into the mix when you’re cooking risotto rice in stock. It will add a salty, unctuous layer to your final dish.

2. On the barbecue

We’re strong believers that barbecues are suitable all-year round, not just the summer. If you’re not convinced, your mind will surely be changed the second you try barbecued feta – wrap it in tinfoil with whatever herbs and spices you want, roast over hot coals and then you have oozy, gooey deliciousness ready to go.

On the barbecue

3. In a pie

A cheese and onion tart is a classic, but have you ever tried it in a dessert? Apples and sharp cheddar go together perfectly – either crumble some into the pie crust and bake it like that, or serve the dish with slices of cold cheese on top.

4. With fruit

If you want an afternoon snack, there are few combinations better than fresh or dried fruit and cheese. Some combos go better than others, like cranberries and brie, pineapple and Parmesan, or pear and pecorino.

6. As fries

We have two words for you: Halloumi fries. They’re almost enough to make you forget about the original potato-based version.

7. In eggs

Add a spoonful of cream cheese to your scrambled eggs in the morning to make them even silkier.

8. With sauerkraut

Hear us out: Sauerkraut and cheese might seem like an unlikely combination, but actually become a perfect mix of acid, cream and salt. It’s like having pickles with your favourite type of cheddar, but taken to the next level. Add to toasted sandwiches or even just grate some cheese onto your sauerkraut to eat as a side dish. The same vibe goes for kimchi and cheese – cheddar just goes so well with fermented food.

9. In hot chocolate

Chocolate and cheese isn’t too surprising a combination, but have you ever tried drinking it? In Colombia it’s common to drop a bit of cheese into your hot chocolate, wait for it to melt and then drink up, scooping the cheese as you go.

10. In lip balm

Sometimes you don’t need a new or ingenious way to eat cheese – you just need to be crafty with how you eat it. Look no further than this Twitter user’s daughter, who replaced her lip balm with cheese so she could surreptitiously eat it in school. That girl is going places.