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11 Things You Only Know If You Like Eating Out Alone

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10 April 2019

Eating Out Alone

In New York particular, it’s fairly standard to eat solo in public.

In other places though, solitary diners are often considered a little odd and lonely – and sometimes even a nuisance at fussy restaurants with strict seating plans.

Sure, there are downsides to eating alone – servers asking, ‘Are you waiting for anyone?’, fellow diners assuming you’ve been stood up – but there are also a lot of positives to grabbing a table for one (for instance, not having to begrudgingly split a dessert).

Why Banana Peels Are The Next Big Thing in Vegan Meat Replacement

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4 April 2019

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Banana Peels

Society’s becoming more and more conscious of food waste, and a lot of us are making a concerted effort to use up all the food we buy and limit how much gets chucked.

But, while only buying what we’ll actually eat is one thing, what about using up more of each item? For example, have you ever considered eating the banana skin, once you’ve munched through the soft fruity centre?

Are Egg Yolks Actually Bad For You?

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27 December 2018

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egg yolk

Whether scrambled with avocado on toast, poached with asparagus or boiled with whole wheat soldiers...

It’s hard to resist the lure of a perfectly cooked egg for breakfast.

They’re easy to whip up, a tasty addition to lots of different dishes and – as an added bonus – they look great on Instagram.

But there’s still a lot of confusion about whether eggs are harmful or healthy.

Why do people think that eggs are bad for our health?

Eggs have got a bad rep in the past; namely, the golden yolks.

5 Gold Plated Edibles That Are Just SO Dubai

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24 December 2018

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Gold food

If you thought Dubai was extra, wait till you see these…

Undeniably enough to those that live in Dubai, if you seem extravagance…you will find extravagance.

From the cars to the houses, to the luxury brands - extravagances seems to surround you in this city.

But luxury has even made it to the plates of Dubai and we’re not even joking.

If you’ve seen a golden Ferrari, a gold-plated bathroom or even a gold-plated iPhone then those are the news of the past.

6 Utterly Bizarre Food Trends To Come Out Of Japan

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13 December 2018

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Bizarre Food Trends

There’s no doubt Japan is a country of experimentation.

After all, this is the place that gifted the world cat cafes and Harajuku fashion.

From ramen restaurants to okonomiyaki bars, traditional dining is hugely important in the country.

However, there’s also a whole lot of room to do exactly what your mother told you not to: Play with your food.

Is There Anything Better Than Homemade Bread And Butter?

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12 December 2018

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Bread and Butter

It doesn’t get more simple than bread and butter.

They are the staples that can feature at every meal: Smeared thickly with jam (or avocado) at breakfast; enveloping cheese and ham, or dunked in soup at lunch; and as the opening – alongside pickles, salami, roast peppers, a green salad and tomatoes – to a decent dinner.

They are tough to do without – the ultimate double act.

Cooking Ingredients You Can Actually Scrimp On

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10 December 2018


And these simple hacks will help your ingredients – and money – go a lot further...

There’s no doubt about it – cooking can be an expensive process.

Sometimes you look at the list of ingredients in a recipe, sigh, and decide it’s probably going to be cheaper to get a takeaway or ready meal.

We’re often told we need to get good ingredients too – free-range this, organic that – which can really make the costs add up.

8 Family-Friendly Brunches In Dubai To Try Out

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30 January 2018

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8 Family-friendly Brunches In Dubai To Try Out

Friday brunches in Dubai are a must, we get it. But for parents, enjoying a Friday or Saturday brunch isn’t as easy, as finding a kid-friendly brunch in Dubai can be tricky.

And for that reason, we gathered a list of the best family-friendly brunches in Dubai, for mums and dads to enjoy their day without having to worry about leaving the kids at their grandparents, or finding someone to look after them for the day.