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How To Eat Your Way To Skinny

Posted on

30 May 2017

The Bulletproof Diet

"Count your calories! Eat less! Exercise more!” We’ve all heard the classic advice, and it seems so simple. But the fact remains: obesity is now killing more people than ever before. We know what the issue is and we seem to know the solution, too - and yet we are eating ourselves to death. What is missing?

How To Eat Healthy Like Michelle Obama

Posted on

29 May 2017

Michelle Obama eating habits

We’ve plenty of reasons to look up to Michelle Obama. Her undying effort towards promoting a healthy lifestyle is just one of the many. The former first lady of America has been a loyal crusader of a balanced diet. Her official efforts including MyPlate and Let’sMove have been directed toward reducing child obesity and promoting a healthy body image.

If you’re a Michelle fan then here’s an easy guide on how to stay fit and positive like her.

6 Easy Ways To Feel Less Thirsty While Fasting

Posted on

28 May 2017

5 Easy Ways To Feel Less Thirsty While Fasting

Ramadan is a blessed and festive time but it comes with challenges — spiritual, religious and physical.

The selfless act to avoid any food/drink from morning till dusk is taxing for the body, that’s used to our regular eating patterns. And while hunger is somewhat bearable, it’s particularly demanding to deal with thirst, especially when the temperature goes above 30°C outside.

This Is What Khloe Kardashian Orders At McDonald's, Taco Bell & Subway

Posted on

26 May 2017

Khloe Kardashian fast food

Gone are the days when she was known as the ‘The Fat Kardashian.’ Today, Khloe Kardashian is making millions with her revenge body. She is a rail-thin size 4 (after losing 40 lbs) but that doesn’t mean she starves herself.

Khloe recently shared a list of all the items she orders when dining out on fast food. "Even though clean eating is my M.O., sometimes I find myself in situations where there just isn't an avocado smoothie or quinoa salad on the menu," she wrote on her app.

This Blogger Lost Upto 40 Lbs After Drinking These 3 Smoothies

Posted on

19 May 2017

Weight loss smoothie recipes

Real, sustainable weight loss is not about following a crazy fad diet, but about making healthier choices, eating in balanced proportions and consuming weight reducing beverages and smoothies, whenever you can.

In case you're looking for some inspiration, watch this interesting video by popular YouTube blogger, @Liezl Jayne Strydom and follow three simple smoothie recipes.

In this video, Liezl Jayne Strydom talks about how she lost 40 lbs by simply consuming three healthy smoothies.

Up Your Water Intake With These 6 Hydrating Foods

Posted on

14 May 2017

Hydrating foods

When you live in places such as the Middle East, it's vital you stay hydrated at all times. Not only should you be drinking water and other healthy drinks, but there are foods you can implement into your diet to contribute to your fluid intake.

After all, ensuring you're hydrated can prevent headaches as well as sluggishness.

Not only that, but if you fast regularly or you will be during the Holy Month of Ramadan, these foods should be incorporated in your Iftar and Suhoor meals to help your water levels keep topped up throughout daylight hours.

This Man Ate Fish For A Year So That You Don't Have To

Posted on

2 May 2017

Paul Greenberg

Fish has long been touted as a superfood rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Time and again, we’ve been told to eat fish for various health benefits including lowering blood pressure and reducing the chances of stroke.

But imagine eating fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner — every single meal — for 365 days. What would that mean for your health?
It’s a question that Paul Greenberg, the best-selling author of American Catch and Four Fish set out to investigate in his new FRONTLINE documentary, The Fish on My Plate.

10 Ridiculous Diets That Should Be Banned

Posted on

1 May 2017

Fad Diets

If you’ve ever been near the word dieting and weight loss — you know what common fad diets sound like: Take a few questionable foods, give them magic power and set a plan to convince people that eating this and ONLY THIS way will give them washboard stomach.

Influenced by zero-size models and the ceaseless appreciation of killer abs and thigh gaps, we’ve set impossible body standards upon ourselves. And we would do just about anything to achieve them — won’t we?