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A Beginner's Guide To Veganism

For the love of food that loves you back.

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31 May 2017

video credit: PickUpLimes/YouTube

Before we begin, here are two important thoughts:

1. Being vegan is not a crash diet but a lifestyle change that and like with everything impactful in life, it comes with patience, practice and effort.

2. Second of all, it’s A LOT more than just eating lettuce.

Whether you’re experimenting with a plant-based diet or getting used to the concept of a becoming a vegan, the initial phase can be an underwhelming experience. Lack of options, cravings, peer pressure and a sudden sense of loss can divert you away from your goal.

The best way to deal with such crises is to learn from those who’ve gone through the process. One such person is YouTube blogger, Sadia Badiei of @PickUpLimes channel.

In the video above, Sadia’s talks about 12 guidelines that helped her in adopting an environment-friendly diet.

In Sadia’s own words, "Transition to a plant-based lifestyle took years, plenty of trial and error, and lots of doubt and uncertainty. My reason for becoming a vegan changed from health-driven to equality-driven. From me-driven to them driven. I still choose to eat a plant-based diet for health, but there’s more to it now; my focus shifted more towards ethics and the environment. It has become difficult to unlearn and ignore the powerful information I’ve come across when researching veganism. Food that was once so appealing has become appalling."