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Going Vegan? Here’s How To Combat Meat-Free Fatigue

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5 September 2019

Going Vegan? Here’s How To Combat Meat-Free Fatigue

Want to do more to support your health and the planet by going plant-based, but struggle with energy dips and feeling depleted?

I’ve chatted with a few friends who returned to meat recently – not because they desperately missed those juicy steaks or couldn’t live without their Thursday-night Nando’s (actually, that did apply in some cases), but because they missed feeling awake and energised.

Why Banana Peels Are The Next Big Thing in Vegan Meat Replacement

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4 April 2019

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Banana Peels

Society’s becoming more and more conscious of food waste, and a lot of us are making a concerted effort to use up all the food we buy and limit how much gets chucked.

But, while only buying what we’ll actually eat is one thing, what about using up more of each item? For example, have you ever considered eating the banana skin, once you’ve munched through the soft fruity centre?

The Pope Has Been Urged To Go Vegan For Lent – 6 Celebrities Showing It Can Be Easy Being Green

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7 February 2019

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The Pope

It’s not often that the Pope is offered a lesson in morality, but that is what the Million Dollar Vegan campaign is attempting to do.

After another successful Veganuary, environmental campaigners have offered $1 million to the charity of Pope Francis’ choice if he gives up animal products for lent. The campaign is backed by a host of benefactors and celebrities.

Why Pea Milk Should Be Your New Favourite Dairy-Free Alternative

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5 February 2019

Dairy-Free Alternative

It’s easier than ever to live a plant-based life – long gone are the days when you would be shunned from coffee shops if you asked for dairy-free milk. The vegan milk industry is booming, and whether you favour almond, oat or soy, it’s worth trying a new name on the scene: pea milk.

Whole Foods predicts pea milk will be big this year, with the brand Mighty Society Pea Milk launching exclusively instore in the UK this month.