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10 Ridiculous Diets That Should Be Banned

#7 will leave you saying Whaaat!

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1 May 2017

video credit: TheTalko/YouTube

If you’ve ever been near the word dieting and weight loss — you know what common fad diets sound like: Take a few questionable foods, give them magic power and set a plan to convince people that eating this and ONLY THIS way will give them washboard stomach.

Influenced by zero-size models and the ceaseless appreciation of killer abs and thigh gaps, we’ve set impossible body standards upon ourselves. And we would do just about anything to achieve them — won’t we?

From eating parasites to torturing our mind, popular YouTube channel, @TheTalko has created a list of 10 such dangerous diets that are not only unreliable but extremely toxic for the body in the longer run.

These ridiculous diets will leave you shocked at the naivety and the deep-seated need-for-approval in our society.