The App to Help Limit Your Drinking Habits in the UAE |

The App to Help Limit Your Drinking Habits in the UAE

Why expats in Dubai and UAE should download the 101 Tokens app…

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5 February 2018

Why expats in Dubai should use 101 Tokens app

As expats living in a Muslim country where alcohol is against Sharia Law, we must respectfully follow the rules and boundaries on the purchase and consumption of alcohol in the UAE. Which is why a new app to re-train ourselves to drink less could be a great idea for non-Muslims in Dubai.

Australian Benny Wallington has developed the 101 Tokens app, whereby you get 101 alcohol tokens for the year. Each time you drink counts as one token, which could be a sip or an entire night out. So here in Dubai you’d potentially use one token for a Friday brunch! The app, therefore, promotes smarter drinking, where you can learn your limits whilst still being able to be social and go out.

By limiting his alcohol consumption, Benny’s health and happiness improved, as the restrictive alcohol initiative could also benefit expats and tourists drinking alcohol in the UAE.

Alcohol Laws in UAE

Here in Dubai it is important that we respect the UAE laws on the purchase and consumption of alcohol and understand why drinking alcohol in Dubai is usually different from drinking in our home countries.

With drinking in public places strictly prohibited, you can also be arrested if found drunk without an alcohol license. Hotels and some restaurants across Dubai can serve alcohol to customers, however drinking alcohol is also not allowed during public holidays and religious events. There is a zero tolerance to drunk driving and violation of the UAE’s laws on alcohol will lead to punishment.

However, the UAE does understand that tourists and expats consume alcohol, so alcohol licenses are issued if you meet the requirements. For information on alcohol licenses in Dubai visit here.

Therefore, the 101 Tokens app which limits and controls drinking habits, could help expats and tourists in the Dubai to watch what they drink and comply easily with the UAE’s laws. The app would restrict binge drinking and consequently assist in making people more aware of their surroundings and their behavior in a Muslim country.

Benefits of the 101 Tokens app

The 101 Tokens app has already attracted participants form Australia, Europe and South Africa, as we think it’s time for it to succeed in the UAE. And here is why…

The token system makes you question “is it worth it?” after every time you drink, which is how you re-train yourself to drink less and change the pattern of your drinking. The goal of the app is therefore to find out your own individual drinking habit and how you can adapt it to improve your health and save money.

With a calculator which informs you on how much you spend on alcohol, the app aims to improve all aspects of your lifestyle. So from January 1st to December 31st, you have 101 tokens (roughly two tokens per week), use them wisely…