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15 Best Summer Foods To Beat the Heat in the UAE

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4 July 2023

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15 Best Summer Foods To Beat the Heat in the UAE

Being well-hydrated is vital for good health.

When the temperatures rise, getting enough to drink and eat is important.

Consuming water is necessary to keep the body’s systems functioning properly. The fluid requirements of our body are higher during summer months to counteract warmer temperatures and higher humidity.

"As a rule of thumb, we have to drink eight glasses of water per day and experts even recommend more. This seems to be an overwhelming task for most of us," said Amera Marian Varghese, Clinical Dietician at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital in Dubai.

Why You Should Start Incorporating Pickle Juice Into Your Drinks

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7 April 2019

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Incorporating Pickle Juice Into Your Drinks

The tartness of a pickled cucumber is tough to beat, whether you’re tucking into a plate of cheese and crackers, or stuffing the frog-green slices in with a burger.

But have you given much thought to what can be done with the vinegary liquid left over in the jar? Generally, once you’re out of crunchy, sweet-sour veg, it ends up being tipped down the drain – but next time, stop yourself, there’s a lot of potential in that pickle juice.

6 Fruity Summer Mocktails Made with Low Sugar

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19 August 2018

Healthy fruit mocktails

Perfect for parties and barbecues, or just for chilling out on a hot day, these refreshing fruity mocktails are colourful, thirst quenching and so simple to put together. And, wherever possible, the sugar levels have been kept fairly low.
Each recipe, apart from the ‘tropical fruity fizz’ which serves 4, makes one long cool drink; just scale up the ingredients for the amount you’d like to make.

This Golden Milk Is The Answer To All Your Health Problems

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20 June 2017

This Golden Milk Is The Answer To 90% Of Your Health Problems.

The power of gold isn’t just limited to your clothes or jewels. The colour plays a crucial role in your health, all thanks to one magical golden drink.

A powerful combination of turmeric, coconut milk, some spices and a dash of coconut oil, this century old Ayurvedic drink is all you need to cure 90% of your health issues. The beauty of golden milk lies in its simplicity. It’s made with everyday cooking ingredients, doesn’t cost more than a few bucks and tastes like a creamy smoothie with a hint of spice.

5 Healthy Drinks To Cure Your Coffee Addiction

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18 June 2017

5 Healthy Drinks To Cure Your Coffee Addiction

We aren’t going to tell you to get rid of it. Heck, no. How else would you survive a day in this gloomy world?

Truth be told, most of us here can’t function unless we have a good dose of caffeine in our system, first thing in the morning. And while the first cup of joe does give a powerful jolt to wake up our groggy brain, the second and the third mugs are only there to make the matter worse. They are your way to deal with stress, boredom, peer pressure and hunger.