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6 Easy Ways To Feel Less Thirsty While Fasting

Sometimes, it's all in the mind.

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15 January 2024

How to feel less thirsty while Ramadan fasting

Ramadan is a blessed and festive time but it comes with challenges — spiritual, religious and physical.

The selfless act to avoid any food/drink from morning till dusk is taxing for the body, that’s used to our regular eating patterns. And while hunger is somewhat bearable, it’s particularly demanding to deal with thirst, especially when the temperature goes above 30°C outside.

The trick to dealing with fluid-shortage during Ramadan is hydration and water storage. Instead of gulping down on fizzy drinks right after breaking the fast to eating sodium-filled items, here's how to avoid parched throat and dry mouth while fasting.

1. Eat/Drink yoghurt.

One cup of yoghurt is 85% water. Once you factor in all the nutritional benefits, the countless options to mix and match (flavours, smoothies, laban) and the fact that there's little or no prep required — you're going to make yoghurt your go-to meal during the holy month.

Throw in some dried fruits and you're golden!

How to feel less thirsty while fasting for Ramadan

2. Avoid sweating to avoid thirst.

Aggressive workout, heat exposure and drastic temperature change — all evaporate water from your body so avoid the sun as much as you can.

One important tip is to maintain the body temperature while you're fasting. Run your errands after iftar, this way you can digest the food frenzy iftar and drink as much water as you want.

How to avoid feeling thirsty during Ramadan fasting

3. Avoid coffee to ward off thirst.

Yes, we know it's your survival kit but caffeinated items like tea, coffee and fizzy drinks take the fluids out of your body resulting in frequent bathroom visits.

If you can't avoid it completely then at least cut down the intake to avoid the unwanted struggle.

How to feel less thirsty while fasting for Ramadan

4. Eat your water.

Any food item that's juicy including watermelons, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes should be on your plate, no question.

They're not only hydrating but are filled with nutritional benefits that help water stay longer in your body.

Watermelon salad

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5. Say NO to spicy and salty food.

Nobody wants to say no to a curry-laden bowl of soup or a spicy egg dish BUT before you dig in, think about the aftereffects: Stomach acidity and heaviness.

Top it with the fact that you can't take any medicine or drink lemonade to cure. Not so worth it now, is it?

How to feel less thirsty during Ramadan

6. Take a shower during the day.

Sometimes, it's all in the mind. Taking a cooling bath can trick the body into believing that it's hydrated. Similarly, you can use a wet towel and pat it on your head and face to refresh.

Cold shower relieves thirst and exhaustion. Just stand in front a cool shower and you'll see the difference.