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6 Easy Ways To Feel Less Thirsty While Fasting

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15 January 2024

How to feel less thirsty while Ramadan fasting

Ramadan is a blessed and festive time but it comes with challenges — spiritual, religious and physical.

The selfless act to avoid any food/drink from morning till dusk is taxing for the body, that’s used to our regular eating patterns. And while hunger is somewhat bearable, it’s particularly demanding to deal with thirst, especially when the temperature goes above 30°C outside.

Ramadan in Dubai 2021: Restaurants Can Serve Without Screens

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12 April 2021

Ramadan in Dubai 2021: Restaurants Can Serve Without Screens

Restaurants in Dubai can now serve food without being screened from public view during Ramadan fasting hours this year, according to new rules from Dubai Economy.

Previously, restaurants, cafes, and other dining destinations had to use screens, curtains, and other methods to hide from sight throughout fasting hours during the Holy Month.

Ramadan in the UAE: 30,000 Food Items Will Be Reduced in Price

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4 April 2021

UAE reduces food prices for Ramadan 2021

The lower costs will apply to an estimated 900 outlets during the Holy Month

Prices for around 30,000 staple food items will fall from 25 to 75 per cent during Ramadan this year, announced the UAE Ministry of Economy.

These include regular grocery items such as meat, fish, rice, flour, sugar and juices. During Ramadan, officials will also clamp down on unfair price hikes in grocery stores and other businesses through regular inspections.

Dubai Iftars Under 50 Dhs to Enjoy this Ramadan

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20 May 2018

Iftars Under 50 Dhs for Ramadan in Dubai

A huge part of Ramadan every year is the breaking of fast at the end of every day. Known as 'Iftar', this religious observance during Ramadan is often done as a community, with people gathering to break their fast together.

What better way to spend Iftar then, than with your friends and family at one of Dubai's many, many restaurants and hotels across the city? Especially when your Iftar can be less than 50 Dhs each with these Cobone vouchers.