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7 Exciting Summer Foods You Need to Try

The hot weather is here in the UAE!

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5 May 2022

7 Exciting Summer Foods You Need to Try

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Summer is here! - which means we can start happily eating this lot...

1. Apricots

These palm-sized fruits make unbelievably good jam and do their magic whether stewed with ice cream or used to top a tart.

2. Nectarines

Eat them – like peaches – raw when ripe, so the juice runs down your wrists. Also excellent as a breakfast topping with granola and Greek yoghurt.


4. Watermelon

Frozen in chunks and eaten like ice lollies, mushed into a granita, or mixed with rocket and feta for a refreshing salad, throughout summer your home should always have a watermelon in it.

5. Courgettes

The courgette summer glut means getting inventive: Grill them on the barbecue, slowcook them down and chill for a summer soup, or fry them in olive oil and tangle through pasta.

6. Basil

This is the absolute best time for soft leaves of basil. Chuck into salads, fold into tomato sandwiches and stir through sauces.

7. Broad beans

Pop ’em fresh from the pod, butter and salt them and eat fresh from a hot pan, or blitz up with mint for a dip.